What’s next for the Lions after Matthew Stafford?

    Matthew Stafford coming down with a hand injury versus the Ravens in 2019.
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    For most Lion’s fans, this is a day we all like to push into the back of our minds and worry about it later. Sadly though, this day is coming way faster than most people thought. Over the past few years, Lion’s fans have watched Stafford get destroyed by powerful defensive linemen and linebackers due to our sub-par offensive line. But during these last three seasons, these hits are starting to get to Matthew, as he is only getting older. But there is hope, even though during the last portion of the 2018-2019 season showed us that our QB room is horrific and shows little to no potential. Here are two situations where I feel we could be in safe hands once Safford hangs up his cleats.

    Option One: Draft a rookie and let him groom off Stafford. Ex: 2020 Packers Draft.

    This option is supported by some Lion’s fans, which must be the best choice. Yes, the 2020 NFL DRAFT just ended, but it’s never to early to get a peek at what the next class coming into the NFL will be like.

    One thing I’m noticing is that this upcoming class is going to be VERY powerful at the QB position, which is perfect for the Lions. This upcoming draft hold big QB names like Trevor Lawrence (CLEM) or Justin Fields (OSU,) but it also includes some sleepers like my personal favorite Trey Lance (NDSU.) If the Lions do draft a QB in this year’s upcoming draft, there is a very high chance we will be set for a long time.

    Option 2: Pick up Cam Newton in FA.

    As of today, former MVP Cam Newton still does not have a team after being released by the Panthers on March 24th. As of right now we only have a few more weeks before another team secures Cam. Keep in mind that Cam is two years younger than Stafford and I would love to see both Cam and Stafford battle it out for the starting position. Cam has stated that he is open to taking a backup position for a team, so if Stafford does go down we could have a very reliable QB2 for that situation.

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