The Potential Impact of the Shortened 2020 MLB Draft

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    It was recently announced that the 2020 MLB draft would be shortened to 5 rounds, after the MLB and the MLBPA failed to reach an agreement to make the draft 10 rounds. In an attempt to save money amidst the coronavirus pandemic, rounds 6-10 will be eliminated, saving a total of $29,578,100, less than $1 million per team. There will be a mere 160 picks in the draft, thus forcing teams to drastically alter their draft strategies. Players who go undrafted can sign with any team for a maximum value of $20,000. 

    Naturally, many people are unhappy about this change. With 35 entire rounds being slashed, this over 1000 players across the country are no longer going to be drafted. These players have worked their entire lives towards the goal of being drafted and playing in the MLB, and now with the shortened draft, many will never be able to turn their dreams into reality. Although teams are still able to sign the undrafted players, only the players who would’ve been drafted in the earlier rounds, such as rounds 6-10, have any hope of being signed, and those would’ve been drafted in the very final rounds may have to accept that their hopes of an MLB career are over. 

    Another way in which this will alter the future of the league is that it could cause a shortage of prospects in the league, and teams will have trouble filling their minor league rosters. This all but solidifies the plan to cut many minor league teams, further impacting the future of the game.

    All in all, this was the right move to make given these unprecedented circumstances, but it could end up having drastic ramifications for the league in years to come. 

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