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    @legionofbills and @jackz.f2c do a mock draft of the 2021 NBA Draft Lottery.


    With the NBA Draft on Wednesday, it is time to look at the future stars of the league. The Minnesota Timberwolves, owners...

    Why are the Thunder Moving on From Billy Donovan?

    Before the 2020 season, the Thunder were considered an utter mess. The Thunder front office completely change the direction of the team,...

    Redoing Top Ten Picks of NFL Draft: Part 2 (2012)

    Jack Zeidel revisits the 2012 NFL Draft Class and redos the top ten picks.

    Redoing Top Ten Picks of NFL Drafts: Part 1 (2017)

    Jack Zeidel re-drafts the top ten picks in the NFL Draft. This is the first article in a series of re-drafts that Mr. Zeidel will be doing.

    Why the XFL Poses a Threat to the NFL

    Last Saturday, we witnessed the beginning of the remake of the XFL. The XFL in its original state was a flashy, WWE-like and highly...

    Why the Redskins are the next best NFL Team

    When someone tells you that the second worst team are actually scary, you will tell them that they are crazy. But, the only thing...

    Kobe Bryant has Passed Away

    Today is a sad day for not just the NBA, but for the entire sports community.Kobe Bryant died earlier today in a helicopter crash...

    Navigating the Cavaliers’ Train Wreck Situation

    The Cavaliers did not have high expectations going into this season; however, they are in the middle of an ugly season that seems to...

    Best NFL Coaches Per Division

    Jason Garrett (on left, now fired), Jon Gruden (middle) and Mike Tomlin (right) are among the rankings.Going into the playoffs, @jack.f2c and @morelandforpresident rank...

    Boom or Bust: Which Teams Exceeded and Fell Short of their Expectations

    The NFL is full of surprises. This year, we found pleasant surprises while seeing teams suffering catastrophes. Heading into the playoffs, many teams have...

    Report: Rich Hill to undergo elbow surgery

    Dodger southpaw Rich Hill has just had elbow surgery, first reported by WEII. Hill is projected to miss half of the 2020 MLB Season.Hill,...

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