Yankees Trade For Gallo, Rizzo.

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    Over the past 24 hours, the New York Yankees have acquired some big left-handed bats in Joey Gallo, as well as Anthony Rizzo, also acquire a LHP Joely Rodriguez. In those trades, the Yankees gave up 2B Ezequiel Duran, SS Josh Smith, INF/OF Trevor Hauver, RHP Glenn Otto, OF Kevin Alcantara, RHP Alexander Vizcaino. These two trades have GREATLY improved the Yankees offense as they add two big left-handed bats.

    Joey Gallo, Joely Rodriguez:

    In the trade to acquire Joey Gallo, the Yankees sent Ezequiel Duran, Josh Smith, Trevor Hauver, Glenn Otto. Gallo on the season has been very good, his K% is 32.2% which if the season were to end today would be a career-low, his BB% is 19.1% which if the season ended today would be a career-high. Gallo is slashing .379/.490/.869, along with a 139 wRC+, and a .374 wOBA. Also in the deal, the Yankees acquire LHP Joely Rodriguez who owns a 63.9% GB% as well as a 62.8% LOB%. Rodriguez owns a 5.93 ERA with a 3.70 FIP as well as a 3.76 xERA, and a 3.26 xFIP. The Yankees were also able to get the Rangers to retain Joey Gallo’s 2.4 million dollar contract, Gallo is also under team control through 2022. This trade for the Yankees is very good if I had to grade it I would give it an A.

    Anthony Rizzo:

    Yesterday, surprising news came out that the New York Yankees acquired 1B Anthony Rizzo. Rizzo, a 2016 World Series Champion with the Chicago Cubs, was rumored to be involved in trade talks with the Boston Red Sox, eventually getting traded to the Yankees. Rizzo on the season is slashing .346/.446/.792 with a 115 wRC+ which is above average. In the trade for Rizzo, the Yankees send back Kevin Alcantara and Alexander Vizcaino, both of which were top-15 prospects for the Yankees before the season, Vizcaino was ranked 9th in our organization. Brian Cashman was able to get the Cubs to retain Anthony Rizzo’s contract which is huge for the Yankees as they still have room under the luxury tax to make another move. Will Cashman make another move? I don’t see him targeting another bat, he may very well get another arm before the 4 pm EST Trade Deadline on Friday, July 30th. If I had to give the Yankees a grade for this trade I would give them a B+. I think the acquisition of Rizzo is big for the lineup especially because he is a left-handed hitter.

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