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    Colby Pearson was a strong prospect for the Atlanta Falcons in the preseason of 2018. But an injury led his time with the Falcons to a premature close. Now, Pearson has an opportunity to prove every doubter wrong.

    Pearson was selected in the XFL draft last October by the New York Guardians. This team, led by HC Kevin Gilbride and NFL-Journeyman QB Matt McGloin, kicks off against the Tampa Bay Vipers on Sunday.

    Pearson is listed as a starter on the Guardians’ depth chart. During the Guardians’ preseason scrimmage against Tampa Bay, Pearson snagged a 76-yard touchdown catch. He had lost his footing about 30 yards from the endzone, but after noticing that he was not touched, he returned to his feet and scored.

    Pearson is a part of history, being on the first-ever New York Guardians roster. He’ll play in the 3rd-ever XFL game.

    “[It’s] really cool to be a part of the first-ever Guardians team, no doubt,” Pearson told me. “[The XFL] will be played like never before.”

    This is true. The XFL has made some very interesting rule changes, calling them “less stall and more ball.” There are no more kicking plays on extra-point attempts, limiting “boring” punts, and a brand-new “Double Pass” feature, allowing two forward passes per play. Overtime is a 5-round setup, similar to that of an NHL shootout.

    The XFL exists for spring football. But for the players, it’s a chance to relive their dreams of playing pro football. For Pearson, this is an opportunity that he greatly appreciates.

    “Getting another shot in [the NFL] is definitely my goal for this season,” Pearson said. “I’m grateful for the XFL for providing me with an opportunity to show what I can do.”

    Pearson gets to play in arguably the best uniforms in the XFL, and his personal favorite.

    “Man, and I’m not just saying this, we have the best logo and jersey combo no doubt!” Pearson told me. “Everyone will see this weekend.”

    That’s also true. Tune in to FOX on Sunday, February 9, at 2:00 PM to watch the game. See if you can spot Pearson. It’ll most likely be easy to find him– he’s a gamechanger and makes his presence known.

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