Player Comparision: Corey Dickerson VS David Peralta.

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    David Peralta has had a decent career so far despite injuries stepping in his ways. Peralta missed 100 games last year by one and was looking to make that his 4th season playing over 100 games.

    In 99 games, Peralta came in with a batting average of .275, slashing .461 and an OBP of .343. From these, Peralta has looked to decline some compared to most season.

    Lets get more into the advanced stats. Lets start with his wRC which is based on wOBA. Peralta had a 60 wRc which is considered to below average. His wRC+, which is also based on wOBA, was a 107 and is considered to be average. If you take a look at his offensive production, it would be considered average.

    A few more advanced stats to look at are his wOBA and War. Let’s start with his wOBA. His wOBA was a .338 which would be considered closer to above average. If he didn’t get injured, he could have possibly had another great year and even produced his same numbers as last year. His War last year was a 1.7, his second worst of his career. Peralta despite missing the 2019 season, still was average with his bat.

    Now lets check out the fielding side to Peralta. Peralta had his best year fielding despite only playing 99 games. Let’s first look at his DRS (Defensive Runs Saved). Peralta posted his best DRS of 10 and is considered great. His UZR/UZR per 150 were also excellent and his best. He ended with a UZR of 6.2 (above average) and a UR per 150 of 9.5 and is considered to be great. Peralta definitely is the guy you want to have in the field.

    The Marlins acquired 30-year-old Outfielder Corey Dickerson in the 2019 off-season as they look to add some bats to their lineup. Dickerson spent 2019 with the Pirates and the Phillies. The 30-year-old only played 78 games but still looked red hot.

    In those 78 games, he batted .304 (tied for 2nd career-best), while slugging .565 (2nd best in career), and an OBP that was .341 (2nd best in career). Dickerson showed strides 20 of his 2014 and 2015 season with the Rockies.

    The advanced stats show this as well. His wRC was a 46 which is not the greatest but his wRC+ was 127 and was above average. He had a wOBA of .367 and is considered to be great. He only had a war of 1.0. It looks as Dickerson proves to have the better bat. There are definitely more advanced stats to show but I only decided to take these few.

    Let’s lastly take a look at Dickerson’s fielding stats. Dickerson’s stats in the field are not that great. Dickerson ad a DRS of -6 and is considered to be below average. He had a UZR of -4.7 and UZR per 150 of -12. These are considered to be poor or below average. This may come to a shock to some people as he came off his best fielding year. Peralta has the advantage when it comes to fielding.

    When it all comes down to the bat, Dickerson proves to have the better bat and when it comes to fielding, Peralta holds that advantage.

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