My Interview with Knicks Writer Mike Vorkunov:

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    A few weeks ago I had a video chat with Knicks writer Mike Vorkunov where we talked about the Knicks’ future, what the Knicks should do in free agency and the draft, and more.

    If you want to watch the whole video, the link to it is:, however, I also want to share with my viewers, who don’t have the time, a little bit about what we talked about.

    1) We discussed how maybe Mike Miller is trying to boost his resume since he knows he won’t be the head coach next year with Leon Rose coming into office, and so he is playing the veterans to try to win games. This is where we believe management should have stepped in (around January) and should’ve said, look we are out of the playoff race it is time to play the young guys, and Mike Miller would’ve followed orders, however, it seems like management never did that leading to the young guys not getting experience on the court like Knox, Trier, and Dotson.

    2) The 2020 draft is one of the oddest drafts in a while. We both thought it would be smart for the Knicks to look at PG, however, the top PG’s like Lamelo Ball and Cole Anthony doesn’t have the greatest shots, which is what the Knicks need, a shooting PG. A shooting PG would help spread the floor for RJ and make pick and roles with Mitchell Robinson a lot more dangerous because if the PG can shoot, the 2 players on defense can’t just stick onto Mitch.

    3) The best move in free agency is to sign a lot of unproven players, sign only a few vets so the young guys actually get minutes, and lastly, we should try to trade Randle for cap and try to sign Christian Wood. We also believe that the vets from this year that should be on the team next year are Bullock because he has a great contract (4 million and it is a team option), and maybe Mo Harkless. Everyone else we could get better replacements for less money.

    Leave your thoughts on the Knicks future down below!

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