How the NFL Top 100 Player List Snubbed the Eagles

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    The NFL Network released their top 100 Players for 2020 list, which was unsurprisingly met with outrage from virtually all football fans, as it should be. For a list voted on by players, it sure seems like it was done by people who have never watched football before. I don’t know if the players are biased, I’d assume they are, but man was this a weak list. 

    Dec 22, 2019; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz (11) reacts after a touchdown run by running back Miles Sanders (not pictured) during the third quarter at Lincoln Financial Field. Mandatory Credit: James Lang-USA TODAY Sports

    Chief among my concerns with this list is the lack of Carson Wentz, which is infuriating. This is the same quarterback who carried a team of nobodies to a playoff berth and possibly playoff win if not for a dirty play. The same guy who threw 27 Touchdowns to just 7 Interceptions with the worst wide receiving group in the NFL. The first QB ever to throw for 4000 yards without a receiver who had 500. I have already made numerous articles explaining the greatness of Carson Wentz which few people recognize, and that clearly shows when this list was made. The concern is not as much the fact he didn’t make it, but the people who were voted in over him. And this portion of the story is most infuriating. The list of QBs included over Wentz, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Jimmy Garoppolo, Kirk Cousins, and Dak Prescott (who was at 46!). Absolutely criminal. Josh Allen, a quarterback who had significantly worse numbers with a better situation and an elite defense to carry the team in games, Kyler Murray who; although a rookie, went 5-11, Jimmy Garoppolo (who I like but recognize is not better than Carson Wentz), and Dak Prescott who, you already know the situation. These quarterbacks are very obviously guys who are not better than Carson Wentz. And surely when the full list comes out we’ll see players like Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, and Deshaun Watson, who I think are also worse than Carson Wentz although slightly. Carson Wentz continues to be disrespected on the basis of Nick Foles worship that will taint his career likely for a long time. 

    Other outreagous rankings include Fletcher Cox at spot 73, (lower than Jurrell Casey); Darius Slay at 92 (below Logan Ryan by a significant amount), Brandon Brooks at 98 (which is just insane for the league’s best guard); Zach Ertz at 85, not below anyone I would disagree with but still criminally low, and Jason Kelce at 94, (which is his Madden rating). Some of the league’s best players that happened to be Eagles were clearly given the short end of the stick, and I’m starting to think the vote was only done by divisional rival players. 

    As far as we know, there will be only 5 Eagles on the NFL Top 100, all of which were placed criminally low for their production and skill level. And more importantly there were numerous snubs that virtually all NFL analysts would agree should have made the ranking. To conclude, the NFL Top 100 Players List was downright atrocious and further proof that such rankings should be taken with a grain of salt. 

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