Series Recap: Mariners vs Astros

    The Good

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    Baseball finally kicked off for the Mariners in Houston against the Astros as even though we didn’t win the series (1-3 during the series) we saw some good, a lot of bad, and something we can work with.

    The Good:

    Kyle Lewis exploded and picked up where he left off from last season. He took future HOFer Justin Verlander DEEP in the first inning as well as taking another good pitcher for the Astros McCullers deep in the 6th the 2nd game in the series, and not to mention a BIG 2 run single in game 3. He (Lewis) is someone who’s going to be a big part in this big build of youth, as he’s already far along in where we want him to be.

    The other Kyle (Kyle Seager) is putting up quite a show with his bat aswell as he leads the MLB (as of this article) in DOUBLES with 3, having one homer and batting around .310, though being the elder of the team he’s still putting up good stats with the bat especially against this Astros squad.

    The Bad

    Our starting pitching was a bit iffy, Marco did pretty well with location game 1 but thats really it, our starting pitchers combined allowed 19 ERs within 4 games, as Kendall Graveman did good strikeout wise but allowed 6 earned runs while pitching really fast. Hopefully we can develop it to be better by the home opener.

    Fielding was eh, paying attention there were a couple plays that the M’s could’ve made like fielding simple flyouts but dropped and a few infield errors, its not that bad but I really hope we fix it up soon.

    What We Can Work With

    The bullpen was eh, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good at the same time, its around average but not average if you follow, one game they completely shut down the Astros only allowing 1 run but the next they’d allow 6 ER’s, It’s not bad but its not great, I do think there are some bright spots in it. We can definitely work on it some more but I won’t worry about it so much.

    Overall a series who we saw we can work with, we face the Angels for 3 games and then head back home for our home opener, against Oakland.

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