Can the Eagles win with their current roster?

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    At the Eagles’ Super Bowl 52 celebration parade, Head Coach Doug Pederson said “this is the new norm”. Of course he meant that they would be a winning team in Philadelphia. But after Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich left for the Colts’ head coaching job, the Philadelphia Eagles have not seen a very consistent, contending team. And it may be too late to win another title with this current roster. The Eagles are the second oldest team in the NFL, and pretty soon it will be time to rebuild. Aging stars like Jason Peters, Jason Kelce, and Malcolm Jenkins will be gone within the coming years. Other big names like Lane Johnson and Fletcher Cox are getting up there in age. The only positions currently able to withstand a rebuild are quarterback, runningback, and tight end. The rest of the team is aging and aging fast. The eagles need to find a way to win now, or it will be too late to contend for a while. There lies our issue. The Eagles can’t win now. The main issues are playcalling and our offense, which was once projected as a top unit in the league. When Desean Jackson went out for the year with an injury suffered at the end of their week one matchup against the Redskins, the offense totally fell apart. There’s one main component to this. The entire offense was designed around Desean Jackson’s strengths. The off-season was spent designing plays for the deep threat receiver. Now, the offense can’t find rhythm without a legitimate deep threat. Nelson Agholor, who had a breakout year in the slot in 2017, had to take on the role as the Eagles’ only speed, and had to take on a huge role in the offense, which brings me to my next point. Drops. Eagles QB Carson Wentz has played at an above average level this season, and I believe he would be top 15 in the MVP talks if not for drops. The Eagles would be at minimum 7-3, if not for dropped game winning touchdown passes. The Eagles also would have had the possibility of 8-2 if Nelson Agholor makes the game tying touchdown pass against the Patriots. Yet, with all these weaknesses showing before the trade deadline, our GM refused to make the moves needed to win now. He even passed on WR Josh Gordon after the deadline. At this point, the Eagles’ only hope for a decent offense is free agent WR Antonio Brown, who is by no means ideal. To conclude, the Philadelphia Eagles need to find a way to win now if they want to succeed in the next 6 years or so, and it will be hard to accomplish in an organization that is afraid of taking risks.

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