Why Julian Edelman Will Have a Monster Season in 2020

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    Julian Edelman’s 2020 Season

    Most of you know Julian Edelman. Super Bowl 53 MVP and 3 time Super Bowl champion. A do-it-all, gritty receiver who plays for the New England Patriots. He was known as Tom Brady’s favorite receiver, that is of course, until Brady left for Tampa Bay. In this short article, I will tell his underdog story, explain why he is going to have a huge year, and give you my predictions.

    Julian started his football career at San Mateo high school. He was a 5’10” quarterback in high school. His main goal was to get a scholarship to college. Finally, Kent State jumped on him, and even though he was a very undersized QB they wanted the ball in his hands every single play. He even did some kick and punt returns for them. His efforts impressed many people, including 6 assistant coaches for the Patriots that came to watch him. He was still not invited to the NFL Combine in 2009. However, that motivated him to work harder than ever. He ran a 3.92 shuttle at his pro day that same year, faster than any of the times recorded at the Combine that year by 0.04 seconds. Julian finally heard his name called on draft night by the New England Patriots in the 232nd overall pick in the 7th round. He still had a lot to prove, and he needed to earn his roster spot. He did do that and impressed the coaches a vast amount.

    With Tom Brady gone, and his partner Gronk going with him, I expect Julian to be more fired up than ever. I think he will have a monster season this year. If I were him I would be absolutely infuriated. And knowing Julian, I’m sure he is. Tom was his guy, pretty much his brother for 11 years straight. And then he just left for Tampa Bay along with a TE who used to be out there catching passes alongside him. Julian is angry and he has every right to be. That’s why I see him going off this year, proving more people wrong.

    I think Julian will be top 5 in receptions and receiving yards this year. Last season, he finished with exactly 100 receptions for 1,117 yards and 6 TDs. This year, with the added motivation and him being a rare veteran presence on the Patriots offense, I predict his numbers go up a ton. He has been in Bill Belichick’s complicated system for many years now. Also he has shown he is a very reliable target for many years, so I expect his added targets along with his determination to fuel him to achieve these numbers. I have him at around 1,275 yards. This may seem like too big of an increase but it is not for Edelman. I have him getting in the 110-120 range for the receptions. Lastly, I think he will score 8–10 TDs.

    So, those are my predictions for Edelman’s 2020 season along with a little bit about his story. Like I said before, I think Edelman will have a fantastic 

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