Why Carson Wentz can explode in 2020

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    Barring the absolute worst scenario, Carson Wentz is set to have an incredible year in 2020. And it’s possible for it to be on an MVP level. A mistake Eagles fans make, though, is banking on this being a given. Eagles fans should be expecting disappointment from this upcoming season, but it will not be at the fault of their franchise QB. Here is why Carson Wentz logically should explode in 2020. 

    First, let’s look at some stats from last season. Carson Wentz finished the year with 28 total touchdowns, (27 passing), 4039 yards, and 7 interceptions. On the surface that already puts him among the top 10 at each category in the league. For comparison, these stats mirror those and debatably outperform those of Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers. These QBs are considered among the best, but as soon as you mention Carson Wentz, you get shouted down as illogical. Not only is 27 touchdowns incredible in itself, but this was without having even a top 50 and even 60 receiver in the league. That is insane. The mistake people often make is using the incredible TE group to rationalize Wentz’s stats, but that is not how football works. A similar thing happens with Derek Carr. Having Darren Waller isn’t sufficient. But Carson Wentz statistically outperformed Derek Carr as well, showing the ability to put a team on his back. Given these stats, it’s also important to note Carson Wentz had 8 touchdown drops in 2019 as well as 3 game winning or tying ones. Provided these go the right way, the Eagles are 12-4 and Carson Wentz is in strong MVP consideration. This doesn’t even count the loss against the Dolphins that rested entirely on the defense. So using this logic we come to the conclusion that through Carson Wentz’s effort and provided he had acceptable help, the Eagles would have been a 13-3 football team. Just imagine if Carson Wentz had decent playmakers and a top 20 defense. Would have spared Eagles fans the torture of dealing with internet morons. 

    The Eagles are now getting their receiving core back and healthy. Among these weapons, Jalen Reagor, DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffery, Marquise Goodwin, and Greg Ward, along with several other new faces. There are legitimate backups that we can use this year. We didn’t have that before. Does this mean the Eagles will be 13-3? Of course not. But it likely will mean an increase in good stats for Carson Wentz. 13-3 or better is a possibility, although unlikely, but no doubt Carson Wentz can show his ability to shine this year if the core stays healthy. 

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