Reviewing every Cubs 2020 Draft Pick

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    Entering the 2020 MLB Draft there was much speculation around what the Cubs were going to do. Would they take a pitcher? Would they focus more on almost MLB ready talent, or take more high school prospects. The Cubs have a system in need of pitching, they have four top 100 prospects, but are in need for more young talent. Today we are going to be going over all five cubs picks from this years draft.

    Round 1 Pick 16: Ed Howard SS With the Cubs first pick they selected infielder Ed Howard out of Mount Carmel (HS). When I first heard of the selection, I was confused, but as I read more into Ed I love the pick more and more. The Cubs drafted for best available, and in their eyes, Ed was the number one guy on their board. The main concern with some Cubs fans is that Ed plays short stop, and Javy is the Cubs current SS. But Ed only being 18 years old has plenty of time to develop, which means he can discover his true position, and become a more of a pure hitter. In the end, the Cubs made a great choice.

    Round 2 Pick 51: Burl Carraway LHP Burl Carraway is a prospect I didn’t really know too much about to be honest. Pipeline has Burl as the 49th best prospect and from what I have heard Burl could be MLB ready by as early as the 2021 season. His control is the main thing that needs cleaning up, but already posses nice velocity on his fastball and holds a curve with potential. Cubs once again nailed this pick and filled a hole of a new pen arm, while also gaining another lefty arm which the cubs lack.

    Round 3 Pick 88: Jordan Nwogu OF Jordan Nwogu is, an interesting pick. The Cubs when taking him clearly drafting for upside. Jordan is a very raw player with a bunch of power, but his swing, could use some work. Nwogu is a project, some could consider this a reach, but if used correctly could see his way to the majors in time.

    Round 4 Pick 117: Luke Little LHP Now this pick, is the most intriguing pick possibly in the whole draft, and in about 3-4 years could become one of the bigger steals of the draft. The main thing to say about this guy is he has a flamethrower. In game, he has thrown around 103 MPH, and in bullpen, hit up to 105 MPH. Only Aroldis Chapman hit 105 this season. Now Luke will be a project. He has major control issues and will take a while to fully develop into a major league ready arm. But has major upside.

    Round 5 Pick 147: Koen Moreno RHP With the final pick the Cubs selected High School arm Koen Moreno out of Panther Creek (HS). There isn’t too much to say about this pick. It’s hard to really judge a pick this late, but this feels like a type of pick Theo Epstein would make, so we will see what happens in a few years.

    In the end, I believe the Cubs had a pretty successful draft. They took more of a draft for upside direction and it should have Cubs fans excited for the future. Compared to other older drafts, this felt like much more of a Theo Epstein type draft.


    Cubs writer for Field2Court.

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    Cubs writer for Field2Court.


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