5 Bold Predictions for the Cubs 2020 Season

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    Entering the 2020 baseball season (whenever that may be), there are many questions surrounding the Cubs and how their season may play out. The Cubs are a team where this season, really anything could happen. The Cubs have the type of skill on their roster to make a playoff run, but also are at the risk of missing out for the second year in a row. So lets jump right into my 5 bold predictions for the cubs this season. Keep in mind these are all BOLD picks so they may seem far fetched, but have some possibility.

    1. David Ross Wins Manager of the Year While thinking of predictions this was the first one that came to my head. To me, David Ross could be the perfect man for the job. He was built to one day become a manager, and it helps that he has great connection to the clubhouse and front office. If David can lead this Cubs team to something like a division title in his first year when nobody expects the cubs to find success, I could definitely see David earn at least a nomination.

    2. Kyle Schwarber makes the All-Star Team Last season, Cubs fans saw Kyle Schwarber take major strides in the second half. Every Cubs fan knows the potential Kyle has, and to me, it all falls back on if he can remain consistent for a 162 game season. Last year, Schwarber put up some good under the radar numbers including a .871 OPS along with a career high in slugging, and a 120 OPS+. Like I said if Schwarber is consistent, I could definitely see him rise up the all star voting and make it to the mid summer classic.

    3. The Cubs win the NL Central This isn’t as popular of an opinion, but to me the Cubs have all the talent to compete in the central. This division is wide open for the taking, the Reds still aren’t fully ready to compete, the Cardinals are not as good as people believe, their pitching is a big concern, and the brewers after losing Moose and Grandal just aren’t a big threat. If the Cubs pitching can play to their potential and put up just decent numbers, they could definitely enter the race. The Cubs lineup is still top ten in the league so it all falls back on if the rotation and pen can execute.

    4. Kyle Hendricks Finishes top 3 in CY Young Voting To me, Kyle Hendricks is still one of the most underrated pitchers in the game. His entire career, he has consistently put up great numbers. Hendricks has a career 3.14 ERA and 1.11 WHIP. If he can fix his numbers while pitching away from Wrigley, which is something he struggled with, I think Kyle will have a great season and could definitely enter his name in the CY Young race.

    5. Craig Kimbrel bounces back in a BIG way All Cubs fans know about the struggles of Craig Kimbrel last season. But everyone has seemed to forget that beforehand, Craig was one of the most respected relievers in the league. Craig, unlike last offseason, now has a full spring and offseason to work with cubs coaches to work on his game. Craig will also be back to full health, unlike last season, when he landed on the IL multiple times. To me, the writing is on the wall for Craig to have a bounce back season. It just makes sense for a player of his caliber to find his groove again and lead a cubs bullpen full of questions.


    Cubs writer for Field2Court.

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    Cubs writer for Field2Court.


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