Q&A With Mets Prospect Josh Wolf

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    Today I got the opportunity to ask the Mets 2019 second round pick Josh Wolf some questions. Wolf is the Mets #7 ranked prospect and dominated in his debut in the Gulf Coast League striking out 36% of the 33 batters he faced. While posting a 42% swinging strike rate.

    Q: Who was your favorite player growing up and why?

    My favorite player growing up was Clayton Kershaw. I loved watching him pitch and his curveball was the best pitch in the game.

    Q: What is your favorite pitch in your repertoire and why?

    My favorite pitch is my slider. I’ve always had a very good feel for it and it’s been a great pitch my whole career.

    Q. What was it like trying to find an agent?

    Just finding someone I was comfortable with and was on the same page with me when it came to my goals as a player.

    Q: When did you realize you had a good chance of getting drafted?

    After my first game of my senior year I knew I had a really good shot.

    Q: How did you feel going through the draft process and your evaluations from scouts?

    I enjoyed it. It was really cool hearing from all the teams because I was a huge baseball fan growing up. Sometimes it would get a bit overwhelming but I learned how to deal with it.

    Q. Do you look at any stats other than your ERA?

    Obviously stats are important but I just make sure I keep my walks down and limit hard hit balls.

    Q. What’s the hardest part of going straight from high school into the minor leagues?

    Just adjusting to the new schedule. It was literally only baseball and I was not used to that.

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