Luke Keuchly Announces Retirement From NFL

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    At 8:30pm on Tuesday, Jan 14th 2020, Carolina Panthers All-Pro Linebacker Luke Kuechly

    shocked everyone and retired at just twenty eight years old. Luke was a staple of Carolina

    defense ever since he was drafted as the ninth overall pick in 2012, Kuechly knew where

    everyone needed to be lined up and knew exactly where the ball was going or who was

    getting it I’d say 97% of the time.

    There are many reasons why this decision came to be, so early it seems, Kuechly

    experienced alot of concussions and head trauma throughout his career. The first of 3

    concessions came in week one of the 2015 season against Jacksonville, that injury however

    only forced him to miss one game. Luke then had 2 more serious concussions one came in

    2016 where he missed 6 games and the other that happened in 2017 against the Eagles,

    although he didn’t miss any games after.

    Luke finished his career with in my opinion a Hall of Fame worthy statline:

    118 Games

    1092 Tackles

    75 Tackles for loss

    18 Interceptions

    66 Pass deflections

    7 Forced fumbles

    9 Fumble recoveries

    31 QB hits

    12.5 Sacks

    2 Touchdowns

    1 Safety

    Luke also racked up a great number of accolades:

    7x Probowler

    5x First Team All-Pro

    2x 2nd Team All-Pro

    2012 AP Defensive Rookie of the Year

    2013 AP Defensive Player of the Year

    2015 NFC Championship Ring

    Kuechly will be the “poster child” for concussions in the league now and how they can force

    you into early retirement, Luke suffered 3 from 2015-2017 missing only 7 games but still the

    brain trauma that is caused, forced him to step away from the game he loves and still

    wanted to play.

    “There’s only one way to play this game since I was a little kid — play fast, play physical and play strong,” Kuechly said. “And at this point I don’t know if I am able to do that anymore.

    That’s the part that is the most difficult.”

    It’s heartbreaking but realistic, it was the right decision for Luke to step away. I know the

    Panthers will have a plan moving forward, we all just have to trust the process and have faith

    in David Tepper, Marty Hurney, and Matt Rhule.

    #Panthers @Carolinapantherscanada On Instagram

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