Interview with Cubs prospect Brennen Davis

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    By: Justin Girshon

    May 4, 2020

    A few days ago I was privileged to interview Cubs prospect Brennen Davis! Davis was a second round pick by the Cubs in the 2018 MLB Draft straight out of high school. Davis has played two seasons (as only an 18 and 19 year old) in the minor leagues, most recently playing A ball. Heading into the 2020 season, Davis was ranked the third best prospect in the Cubs farm system and the number 78 prospect in all of baseball by In 68 minor league games, Davis has a career stat line of .303 BA/.394 OBP/.479 SLG/.873 OPS. In 2019, Davis was named Minor League Player of the Year in the Cubs organization

    Why did you decide to enter your name into the 2018 MLB Draft instead of going to college? What would you say was the most challenging transition from high school baseball to the minor leagues?

    It was a tough decision but I felt I’d develop better as a player in the pro ball atmosphere than in a college atmosphere with the coaching and resources I’d get. (The) most challenging thing would probably (be) adjusting to velocity. In HS the hardest I’d see was 91 and that was once a year now I’m seeing guys 97-100+ on occasion, just took some getting used too.

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    What is your game day routine like? How does this help you lock in for a game?

    (My) game day routine is do all my prep work beforehand, get some fuel in my body, talk to my mom, then clear my head and go play; I try not to make it too complicated.

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    How would you describe yourself as a player? How will you (hopefully) help a major league team win ballgames in the future?

    I’d describe myself as an elite defender who is an everyday contributor in the heart of the lineup. I feel like the consistency I aim for in my hitting approach will help me help my ball club win games as well as my consistency on the defensive end. 

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    How have you been able to stay in game shape through the coronavirus pandemic? What has been the biggest challenge in preparing for the season?

    I still have a place to hit and lift so staying game ready hasn’t been too tuff for me. (The) biggest challenges have been so many different people giving me advice on how to hit. And I want to be coachable but figuring out what works the best for me and what’s going to make me the most successful.

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    I am a rising 12th grader from New York City who enjoys writing about Major League Baseball. @mlbzone_ on Instagram

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    Justin Girshon
    I am a rising 12th grader from New York City who enjoys writing about Major League Baseball. @mlbzone_ on Instagram


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