The Ultimate List Of Fantasy Football Team Names

    In need of a fantasy football team name? We've got you covered.

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    With football just around the corner, millions of fans have been setting up their fantasy football leagues for another season. While the same players generally are picked in each league (it’s hard to imagine a fantasy league without Patrick Mahomes being picked in the first round by someone who’s drafting based on names alone), every team is defined by their name. The name could be the person’s surname, something lewd, or a punny nickname of a player they’ve drafted (my favorite!).

    It’s tough to come up with puns. It really is. It takes a lot of time and a wealth of pop culture knowledge.

    But if you’re lacking a fantasy football team name, and you’re interested in finding one, look no further – here is the Ultimate List Of Fantasy Football Team Names for the 2021 NFL season.

    We’re going to sort these names by position first, of course, and then by The Ringer’s Fantasy Football Guide’s rankings. We’ll do 12 QBs, 14 RBs, 17 WRs, and 7 TEs. My favorite name of each player is bolded.


    They do say Mahomes is where the heart is. (Denny Medley / USA Today Sports)

    Patrick Mahomes (KC): Mahomes Is Where The Heart Is | Mahomes Depot | Pour One Out For Mahom(i)es

    Josh Allen (BUF): Allen the Family | Josh Allen’s Shorts | We’re Allen This Together

    Lamar Jackson (BAL): Not Bad For A Running Back | The Jackson Eight | Action Jackson

    Kyler Murray (ARI): Kyler, the Creator | Kyler Ren | Will You Murray Me

    Dak Prescott (DAL): Dak In Black | Dak To The Future | Dakstreet’s Dak (Or just Backstreet’s Dak)

    Russell Wilson (SEA): WILSONNNNNN | The Story Of Russ | Russells Sprouts

    Justin Herbert (LAC): Italian Herberts & Cheese | Herbert’s Hoovers | Herbert the.. It Rhymes

    Aaron Rodgers (GB): The Jolly Rodgers | League in Jeopardy | Mr. Rodgers’s Neigborhood

    Jalen Hurts (PHI): Love Hurts | Hurts So Good | The Hurts Locker

    Ryan Tannehill (TEN): King of the Tannehill | The Haunting Of Tannehill House | Tannesaurus Rex

    Matthew Stafford (LAR): Built Stafford Tough | Inglorious Stafferds | Stafford Infection

    Tom Brady (TB): My Fair Brady | Luck Be A Brady | Ahoy, Brady!


    Don’t Cook Back In Anger when you see us using 90s references. Photo Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn (USA TODAY Sports)

    Christian McCaffery (CAR): Christan Mingle | Onward, Christian McCafferys | McCaffrey Anti-Virus

    Dalvin Cook (MIN): Don’t Cook Back In Anger | Cook At Me | Dalvin’s Kitchen

    Ezekiel Elliott (DAL): Eyebrows On Zeke | The Zeke Shall Inherit The Earth | Schitt’s Zeke

    Derrick Henry (TEN): King Henry | Oh, Henry! | Oil Derricks

    Alvin Kamara (NO): Chevrolet Kamara | Lights, Kamara, Action | Kamara Shy

    Aaron Jones (GB): Keeping Up With The Aaron Joneses | Aaron Jones BBQ And Foot Massage | Aaron Brockovich

    Austin Ekeler (LAC): Ekeler Marks The Spot | Ek, Ekk, and Ekky | Copycat Ekeler

    Nick Chubb (CLE): ChubbHub (GrubHub, not the other one, get your head out of the gutter) | Yellow Chubbmarine | Chubba Lubba Dubb Dubb

    Saquon Barkley (NYG): Hit the Saquon | All Barkley, No Bite | Barkley Dreaming Saquon

    Jonathan Taylor (IND): Jonathan Taylor Ham (however, the proper term for the breakfast meat is pork roll) | Jonathan Taylor Made | Taylored To Perfection

    Joe Mixon (CIN): Mixon Match | All The Mixon’s | The Mixon Administration

    Najee Harris (PIT): Harris Wheel | Najee in Paris | Najee Whiz

    Antonio Gibson (WFT): Gibson’s Guitars | Endzonio Gibson | The McGib Is Back

    Clyde Edwards-Helaire (KC): That’s Helaireous | The Fresh Prince Of Helaire | [team player] and Clyde


    Is your wide receiving core the stuff of a Renaissance artist? Make your team a period piece with Davante’s Inferno. (Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)

    Davante Adams (GB): The Adams Family | Davante’s Inferno | Adams Bomb

    Tyreek Hill (KC): Your Team Reeks | Run For The Hills | Reek Havoc

    Stefon Diggs (BUF): Can You Diggs It | The Diggs | Diggs In A Blanket

    DeAndre Hopkins (ARI): A Hopkins, Skip, And A Jump | Beats By Deandre | Nuk Box Hero

    Calvin Ridley (ATL): Ridley’s Believe It Or Not | #MyCalvins | Calvin & Hobbes

    DK Metcalf (SEA): Decaf Metcalf | How I Metcalf Your Mother | DK Country

    A.J. Brown (TEN): Brown Eyed Girl | What Can Brown Do For You | Fifty Shades Of Brown

    Justin Jefferson (MIN): The (Justin) Jeffersons. That’s all I got. Pick another player.

    Keenan Allen (LAC): Allen A Day’s Work | Keenan and Kel (I know, different spelling, who cares) | Any of the Josh Allen ones work too

    Allen Robinson (CHI): Baskin Robinson | Cops and Robinsons | Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood

    CeeDee Lamb (DAL): CeeDee Lamb Of God | CeeDee’s Nutz (got em) | The Lambasters

    Terry McLaurin (WFT): Terry Cloths | Terry Potter And The Deathly Football Team | Terry The Platypus

    Chris Godwin (TB): God, Let Me Win | Godwin(ter) Is Coming | In Godwin We Trust

    Mike Evans (TB): Stairway to Evans | Knocking On Evans Door | Lucky Evans

    Amari Cooper (DAL): Stupid Is A Mean Word, Mr. Cooper (The Game Plan is a phenomenal football movie that is built for eight year olds and I still watch it. Sue me.) | Super Duper Cooper | Cooper Sandwich (Soup Or Sandwich)

    Julio Jones (TEN): Julio, Get The Stretch! | Jones Thugs-N-Harmony | Skull and CrossJones

    Robert Woods (LAR): Into The Woods | Woods Got The Goods | Woods You Rather

    Brandon Aiyuk (SF): Aiyukiddingme


    Travis Kelce (KC): The Fibonacci Kelcequence | Kelce You Never | Kelce You Later

    Darren Waller (LV): I Am The Wallerus | Big Waller Brand | Wallerball

    George Kittle (SF): Kittle & Bits | Pot Calling The Kittle Black | Kittle Red Riding Hood

    Kyle Pitts (ATL): Dutch Pitts (Dutch Blitz) | Shrimp and Pitts | Vodka Pittser

    T.J. Hockenson (DET): Hocked And Loaded | Hocked In | Hickory Dickory Hock

    Tyler Higbee (LAR): The Higbee Movie | Save the Higbees | Tyler, The Higbee

    Robert Tonyan (GB): I, Tonyan. I don’t have any others but I’m very proud of that one and it happens to be my team name this year

    BONUS! New York Jets

    Elijah Moore: Moore Money, Moore Problems | On The Moore | Connect Moore

    Hamsah Nasirildeen: Green Eggs & Hamsah

    Denzel Mims: Of Mims and Men | This Is Why He’s Hot | Invader Mims

    Braxton Berrios: Honey Nut Berrios

    Jamison Crowder: Clam Crowder | Baby Crowder | Turn The Music Crowder

    Thomas Hennessy: Hennything is Possible

    Bryce Huff: Huff And Puff And Blow Your House Down

    Mekhi Becton: Mount Becton | Eggs and Becton (bacon?)

    Carl Lawson: Lawson’s Creek

    Braden Mann: Come On, Mann | Mann Of The Hour | Last Mann Standing

    Zach Wilson: Zach & Cheese | Coffee, Zach | Zach’s Flapjacks

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