Dear NYJ, Don’t Get OBJ. Love, Flight

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    Odell Beckham Jr is one of the most well-known wide receivers in the National Football League. After a dramatic exit from the New York Giants, Odell landed with the Cleveland Browns – where he created even more drama. The last thing the Jets need is more drama, especially under the eye of a certain writer on the Jets beat.

    Sports Illustrated’s Kristian Dyer has learned that if Beckham is traded, he would view the Jets as an ideal landing spot. Beckham has a cap hit of $14,250,000, and averages 18 million dollars per year until 2023.

    Reports value a Beckham deal as a first-round and third-round pick. The Jets cannot afford to give that up in such a stocked draft year.

    Odell had an arrest warrant issued after he was caught on camera slapping a police officer’s posterior. He also came under fire for handing out thousands of dollars to LSU players in the locker room after the Tigers won the National Championship. According to Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer, Beckham has been telling opposing coaches and players before and during games this season to “come get me.” He also got into a heated exchange with then-Browns coach Freddie Kitchens.

    Will Adam Gase take that?

    No. No he won’t. The last time that happened, he lost the locker room in Miami. And here, reports have said he’s barely hanging on. The continued attack on RB LeVeon Bell, whom Gase didn’t want to bring in– yet ex-GM Mike Maccagnan chose to anyway– is unnecessary.

    Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller reported Gase is losing the respect of his players. An unnamed Jets player detailed just how quickly Gase’s reputation deteriorated and that players simply don’t respect him. According to the player, Gase’s attitude and the team’s offensive struggles have quickly turned many players against the coach.

    So, what happens if the Jets bring in a diva in Beckham?

    There is one positive to the deal. The Jets will immediately gain interest. Having a big name, such as Beckham, will immediately boost sales. But the negatives completely outweigh the positives.

    The Jets will lose a first and third round pick, which they desperately need to fill a gaping hole in the offensive line. The possibility of taking someone like OL Mekhi Becton or OT Andrew Thomas goes straight out the door, and a chance of finding a solid developmental star in the third disappears. The Jets lose over 14 million in cap space, and free agency gets so much tougher for Douglas. Darnold gets a weapon, a replacement for Robby Anderson, but a malnourished OL will give up sacks and stall the run game yet again.

    Now, I don’t control the Jets. But if they get OBJ, they’re setting themselves back another year.

    So, New York, Joe Douglas, please don’t trade for Odell Beckham.



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