College Football Playoff Outlook

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    1. Ohio State Buckeyes (12-0)

    The Buckeyes have been competing with LSU the entire season for the top spot in the College Football Rankings. It’s very hard to deny the immense talent of Ohio State’s offense and defense as both are top 5 in the nation. They are quite a unique offense in the CFB world as they are run-dominated. They also have an incredible pass rush led by Chase Young. The Buckeyes tout impressive victories over Michigan State, Wisconsin, Penn State and Michigan. They face Wisconsin again on Saturday but it shouldn’t be much of a problem. They easily defeated Wisconsin when they faced them just a few weeks ago. Ohio State is the top ranked team in the nation, and their pass rush leads the way.

    2. LSU Tigers (12-0)

    LSU has had an incredible season, led by an impressive air attack from Joe Burrow. They defeated 4 top ten teams this season, Texas, Florida, Auburn and Alabama. However, their toughest matchup is yet to come. Slated to play against Georgia in the SEC Championship, a victory almost certainly cements their position as the best team in the country. Statistically speaking, LSU does not have an incredible defense. This can obviously be attributed to their incredibly difficult schedule but they have struggled against some unranked teams as well. Their 390 passing yards a game is second in the nation and they have the future #1 pick leading the charge. Expect the SEC championship to be an amazing game, but if the season is any indicator, LSU will come out on top and probably end up becoming the National Champion.

    3. Clemson Tigers (12-0)

    The Tigers are no stranger to playoff football and they are ready to partake in the competition once again. They’ve had a very easy schedule this year and their margin of victory certainly reflects that. They have another easy game in the ACC Championship game against Virginia and will positively make the playoff. Despite an early season scare against UNC, never count out the duo of Trevor Lawrence and Dabo Swinney. They will look to win their second straight CFB championship together.

    4. Georgia Bulldogs (11-1)

    Georgia‘s impressive run defense has helped place themselves in the running for a CFB playoff spot. On the other side of the ball, they have an extremely strong run game led by D’Andre Swift. Huge wins over Notre Dame, Florida and Auburn are enough to intimidate other teams. They have an extremely difficult task Saturday facing LSU in the SEC Championship Game. Georgia has previously missed playoff spots due to the competitive nature of the SEC Championship game and it unfortunately seems like that is a possibility once again.

    5. Utah Utes (11-1)

    The Utes have an impress defense, rivaled only by Clemson, Georgia and Ohio State. Their offense has been quiet compared to the other teams on this list but their strong defense has been enough to stay in the top 10. Utah, similar to Clemson hasn’t had much competition this year and their game Friday night will be a true test for them. A large victory against Oregon will help their playoff chances, although I’m afraid it won’t be enough.

    6. Oklahoma Sooners (11-1)

    Oklahoma touts the best offense in the country, averaging 564 Yards a game and absolutely tearing defenses apart. In my opinion, Oklahoma is in a far better position than Utah depsite being below them on this week’s College Football Rankings. Oklahoma has a matchup with Number 7 ranked Baylor in the Big 12 Championship Game. Oklahoma defeated Baylor in a close one earlier in the season and also had emphatic victories against the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma State. A win with a sizable margin on Saturday and a loss in the top 4 could potentially lead to a surprise appearance in the playoff for Oklahoma.

    7. Baylor Bears

    Baylor is the seventh ranked team in the country and it seems extremely unlikely they will be able to jump Oklahoma, Utah and Georgia to qualify for the College Football Playoff. They are fortunate to have a difficult game against 6th ranked Oklahoma, and if they win by a large margin, the committee may have a dilemma on their hands. Baylor has had a relatively easy schedule this year as there only game against a top 25 team was against Oklahoma. They blew their lead late in that game and ended up losing by 3. They have a chance for revenge on Saturday when they play Oklahoma again, this time with far more on the line.


    Ohio State: Wins and drops to #2 Seed

    LSU: Wins and moves to #1 Seed

    Clemson: Wins and remains as the #3 seed

    Georgia: Loses and remains as #4 seed

    Utah: Loses and falls to #9 seed

    Oklahoma: Wins and moves to #5 seed

    Baylor: Loses and falls to #8 Seed

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