Brendan Rodgers ROTY Candidate?

    Brendan Rodgers was the #1 first overall pick by the Rockies in the 2015 MLB Draft.
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    After making his Major League debut in 2019, the Rockies #1 prospect, Brendan Rodgers still has lots to prove coming into 2020. He only played in 25 games in 2019 and hit around .220 to begin his baseball journey. Despite a shoulder injury hurting him for the rest of the year, Brendan promised to get better and improve in the offseason. Coming into 2020, Rodgers is currently one of the top players on MLB Pipeline to watch out for in the near future.

    Yes, he may not be a Troy Tulowitzki or a Trevor Story type of guy, but he definitely has a potential of a high average at the plate and a great defensive glove. Rodgers is not a home run hitter and doesn’t hit the ball 450’ feet into the stands as a lot of people would expect in Colorado, but he does have some power in his bat and loves driving in runs. On his way up the minor league ladders, Rodgers hit well into the .300 range and had a great OBP (On-Base Percentage). Coming up, people saw this guy and considered him as a future All-Star. So, the question is…would he be a possible Rookie of the Year candidate in the National League?

    I think he definitely would be. Having such a minor league career coming up through the Rockies system and the potential he still has as a rookie infielder, this guy could be dangerous in the lineup. Take Rockies superstar Nolan Arenado for example. When Arenado first came up in 2013, he wasn’t a huge, overpowering hitter, until two years later in 2015 when he hit over 40 home runs that season. People then knew that this was their guy for the Rockies. Some see that in Brendan Rodgers. It may take a couple years, but when he hits his prime, watch out for this kid. The more experienced Rodgers gets, the better. If Rodgers makes a hug name for himself, imagine the Rockies future infield and beyond.

    With the MLB season hopefully returning this summer, we will probably see Rodgers in AAA Albuquerque or on the Rockies bench to begin 2020. With the crowded infield with Arenado, Story, McMahon, Murphy, and Hampson, it may be tough for Rodgers to squeeze in the lineup, unless he breaks out all of the sudden. There is still time for him to develop.

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