2020 Tennessee Titans Schedule Predictions

Tennessee Titans Schedule 2020 Predictions

NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 17: Ryan Tannehill #17 of the Tennessee Titans throws a pass during a week two preseason game against the New England Patriots at Nissan Stadium on August 17, 2019 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

The Tennessee Titans have one of the easiest schedules for the 2020-21 season, according to ESPN’s FPI model. ESPN’s FPI model is a prediction system for the NFL. Each team’s FPI rating is composed of a predicted offensive, defensive and special teams efficiency, as measured by expected points added per play, and that rating is the basis for FPI’s game-level and season-level projections. ESPN has the Titans on their model at #16 with a projected win total of 8.4 and a 55% of making the playoffs.

Legend: BOLD=Primetime

Week One: Titans @ Broncos, Monday Night Football, 10:15 PM EST. 

This is a very tough draw for the Titans and It’s the last game of opening weekend for the Titans. They will lose this game 27-23. West Coast also the game is in Denver, but this will be an AFC Championship hangover for the Titans.

Week Two: Jaguars @ Titans. 

This is a good matchup for the Titans, but I have the Titans beating the jags at home in Nashville. Overall the Titans have the better team and the Jags can’t stop Henry or Tannehill’s pass attack. Titans on top 30-14. 

Week Three: Titans @ Vikings.

This matchup is both similar teams, both will run the ball and both open up big play-action type plays. Defenses are both very similar. Titans have more of a complete side than the Vikings, but the Vikings have an elite defense. The Vikings win 23-20. 

Week Four: Steelers @ Titans. 

This game will also be very close, because the steelers aren’t injured, and they still have Ben Roethlisberger. But being healthy doesn’t mean the Steelers will win. I have the Titans also winning 28-23. Plus I think Derrick will run all over the Steelers.

Week Five: Bills @ Titans.

The Titans most of the time loss to the Bills at this point in the season, I think the Titans can stop Josh Allen, and pressure him enough the Titans will win this game. 17-10 Titans. Titans get their revenge on the bills.

Week Six: Texans @ Titans.

Another good matchup, two great defenses that could get better pass rush wise. Deshaun Watson loses key receiver De’Andre Hopkins, but adds Brandon Cooks and Randall Cobb. I still think the Titans defense will get to Watson, and the Titans overpower the Texans, 34-20.

Week Seven: BYE, I think this is a good placement for the BYE week for the Titans because it allows their players to get more healthy and put extra work in.

Week Eight: Titans @ Bengals.

The Titans will take down Joe Burrow and the Bengals. The rushing attack for Derrick Henry will once again show vs the Bengals lack-luster defense. It will be close but the Titans will edge out 24-20.  

Week Nine: Bears @ Titans 

The Titans face the Bears, I’m going to take the Titans because Taylor Lewan will neutralize Khalil Mack, and I don’t think Trubisky will do anything out of the ordinary against this Titans team. The Bears got a good defense and the Titans have a good offense and the Titans come away with this one, 17-13.   

Week Ten: Colts @ Titans, Thursday Night Football, 8:25 PM EST. 

The Titans will play the Colts at home on TNF, the game is in Tennessee, so I pick Titans, this game will also be fun to watch. 

Week Eleven: Titans @ Ravens.

The AFC Divisional Round rematch, Lamar was a little off his game and so were his wideouts, especially his Tight Ends. The Titans played great defense against them in the playoffs. But I think the Ravens get their revenge on the Titans and they win 28-17.          

Week Twelve: Titans @ Colts.

The Colts at this point of the season will start to do good with Philip Rivers, I just don’t see the Titans winning in Indy at this point of the season. They split with the colts and lose, 30-17.

Week Thirteen: Browns @ Titans.

Browns and Titans are both similar teams, they both ground and pound the football to open up the pass. Both are gonna look for their star Tight Ends, once again Titans are home and they win 38-27. 

Week Fourteen: Titans @ Jags. 

The Jaguars win this one, Gardner Minchew plays good (so far) against the Titans and they go on to win this game 24-10. The Jags pull the absolute upset. 

Week Fifteen: Lions @ Titans. 

Great time to play the Lions, when they’re hurt, inconsistent and irrelevant. The Lions also haven’t made the playoffs since 2015, with a heartbreaking loss to the Seahawks. Since then the Lions haven’t been anything more of a laughing stock. 

Week Sixteen: Titans @ Packers, Sunday Night Football, 8:20 PM EST.

The Titans match up well against the packers. Derrick Henry also could have a really big game, but the passing game will struggle in Lambeau. Plus this is in December in Green Bay, it will be snowing, and the Titans aren’t too well in the snow, for that reason I have them losing to the Packers, 34-20. 

Week Seventeen: Titans @ Texans. 

The Titans are getting better at the end of the season, so that is why I have them beating the Texans in Houston, 27-20. The Titans rush attack is too much for the Texans to handle on their own. 

In conclusion, I have the Tennessee Titans going 10-6 for the 2020-21 NFL Season, making the playoffs and winning the AFC South. The Titans floor is 7-9, with their ceiling being 12-4. 


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