Top Broncos Plays of the Decade

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    5: CJ Anderson 40 yard walk off touchdown versus the Patriots

    In the 2015 matchup versus the Patriots, the Broncos came into the game with a record of 8-2, while the Patriots were sitting at a solid 10-0. Denver traveled to FoxBorough, preparing for a snowy battle in Gillette. The Broncos trailed 14-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter and had to push the gas with full force in order to come back in the fourth. With 13 minutes to go, the Broncos were in need of a 14 point comeback after Brady connected to Bolden for a 63 yard bomb to take a lead. The Broncos comeback was sparked by backup QB Brock Osweiler who drove the Broncos down the field, in a drive that ended with a 15 yard touchdown by CJ. With just 1 minute to go in the fourth Osweiler and Caldwell found their rhythm, scoring a 4 yd touchdown to lead by 3. Brady worked his magic though, and the Pats kicked a field goal to send the game into overtime. As the snow fell, Brady was forced into a 3 and out after being sacked by Von. Then CJ Anderson took a handoff where he raced 48 yards and ended the Patriots unbeaten season.

    4: Matt Prater 64 yard field goal

    On a sunny day at Mile High, Prater set up to kick the ball with 3 seconds left in the first half. John Fox sent out his kicker to hit a very questionable 64 yard field goal. This strike would tie the NFL record for the longest field goal ever to be made in a game. Prater went out, and nailed it through the uprights to tie the record.

    3: Bradley Roby GW interception vs the Patriots

    In order to reach Super Bowl 50, we would have to defeat the Patriots once again. The Broncos won this game, because of a missed extra point, but a stand on a 2 point conversion is what would be remembered. The Broncos lead 20-12, until Brady connected to Gronkowski for a touchdown with 12 seconds remaining. The game would either go into overtime, or be a Denver win. Brady dropped back and looked middle but his former teammate would deny his chance. He threw it and Aquib Talib got in their to deflect the football. As the ball sailed through the air, Bradley Roby made sure that no one besides him would get the football, and he sent Denver to the Super Bowl.

    2: Demaryius Thomas 80 yard touchdown in the AFC Wildcard

    Denver wins the toss and elects to receive the kickoff. The Steelers were the 5 seed, Denver was the 4. Pittsburgh came into the game at 12-4, Denver sitting at 8-8. The Broncos had no business in being in the game, but Tebow thought otherwise. The ref blew his whistle and the play clock started to run. Tebow dropped back in overtime hit Thomas over the middle, and the rest was known as history. Thomas ran by over 4 defenders, hitting one with a nasty stiff arm. Before you knew it the announcers were screaming, “DENVER WINS, DENVER WINS, I CAN NOT BELIEVE WHAT I AM SEEING”.

    1: Von Miller strip sack in Super Bowl 50

    The most historic play of the decade came from the top Bronco of the decade. Von came in and hit Newton’s arm forcing the ball to come loose. Malik Jackson recovered it in the end zone, and the Broncos started off the Super Bowl in the best way possible. Jumping out to a 10-0 lead, the Broncos had all the momentum in this game. From then on it did not matter what the Panthers did, because everyone was hyped up. Von had made the best play of his career in the biggest game of his career. It’s one thing to sack the MVP, but it’s another thing to force a fumble, and then score a TD off of it.

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