The Mariners Sign Robinson Cano. A Retrospective

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    Approaching his age 31 season the New York Yankees elected not to pay Robinson Cano and focus on other pieces. At the time he was one of the most reliable baseball players over the last 5 seasons.

    Cano became the first good Yankee Hitter at the time to leave in there prime, but the destination was really about the money. Cano signed with Seattle as the Yankees decided to pay guys like Carlos Beltran, Brian McCann and Jacoby Ellsbury. McCann after 3 good seasons with the Yankees joined the Astros, Ellsbury didn’t do great with the Yankees and of course Beltran stayed just 2 seasons with the Yankees doing okayish.

    Now with Cano, at the time looked like a money. Though Cano, 31, has placed himself as one of the best overall players in baseball over the last few years (at the time). He is a five-time All-Star, including the American League starter at second base each of the last four seasons. He has also won five Silver Slugger Awards (2006, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013) and two Gold Gloves (2010, 2012). and leading his team to a 797-560 Record (.580 win pct) over his time with the Yankees.

    Then it was said and done. Cano inked a 10 year 240,000,000 contract with the Mariners, getting 24,000,000 a year. Now did Cano live up to the hype? Well not exactly. Canos best season was his 2016 season where he won All Star game MVP and got votes in the MVP race. That season hitting 39 Home Runs helping the Mariners in there only time as a playoff contending team. After his 2017 season he took a big stepback as he got suspended for PEDs, and that’s all we got from Cano, as the Mariners in a blockbuster traded sent Cano and one of the best Closers in the MLB Edwin Diaz to the Mets for top prospects Justin Dunn, Jared Kelenic, and a few others.

    Now looking back at it, was it worth it? In my opinion it wasn’t what I was EXPECTING but we got a few good years out of him helping us push for a few playoff spots until the suspension. Of course trading him off we had to pay a good sum of his contract but the talent we got from the trade with him and Diaz really shapes up our future as a playoff contending team in years to come.

    Now what’re your thoughts? was it worth it at the end of the day paying a somewhat in his prime Robinson Cano? or do you think we should’ve went a different route. At the end of the day we got something good out of it. And that’s a few good years from him, and great years ahead.

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