The Knicks Coaching Situation:

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    According to Marc Berman, the Knicks will get the “first crack” at Tom Thibodeau. Tom has been connected to the Knicks since Leon Rose became the president, as they have been close for over 2 decades.

    Obviously, right now Mike Miller is still the coach. Mike Miller is the interim coach, so obviously it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise if the Knicks have a coaching change this offseason.

    Also, when a new president comes in, usually they like to hire their own GM and coach.

    However, Mike Miller has done a pretty solid job with the Knicks. In 44 games he has gone 17-27 compared to David Fizdale who went 4-20 with the same team this season. Mike Miller also has brought the Knicks into the top 5 in defensive rating since he has been the coach.

    Mike has also been the only person in the organization who has spoken to the media about serious moves that have occurred this season, including the Spike Lee situation, Marcus Morris trade, Steve Mills firing, etc.

    However, there have been some questions with Mike Miller’s rotations, and him not subbing in the young guys enough.

    Even if Miller isn’t the head coach next year, I hope he can have some sort of role with the team next year, as I have definitely enjoyed him as the Knicks coach this year.

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