Rays Plan for the 60-Man Roster

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    Pictured: Wander Franco

    Since there won’t be a Minor League season this year, the MLB has decided to allow each team to choose 20 more players (on top of the pre-determined 40-man roster) that they would be able to bring up to the Major Leagues at any time. It would be like a miniature Minor Leagues except the players won’t be able to play in competitive games until they get the call-up. Also, any player on this 60-man roster cannot be removed unless they are released or traded to another organization.

    The Rays have already given word on some players that they plan on adding to this “taxi” squad. These include top prospect, Wander Franco, Shane McClanahan, Josh Lowe, and Shane Baz. Every Rays fan (and baseball fan) is obviously excited to see the debut of young stud, Wander Franco. There’s a possibility we see him in a Rays uniform this season, but it’s not likely. Franco is only 19 years old and he would become one of the youngest players ever to make an appearance at the Major League level. With that being said, he probably has the talent to succeed, but his experience is definitely lacking and calling him up this early could alter his confidence. Covid-19 cases and possible injuries could propel him into some games this season though, so don’t count it out.

    Some players who are already on the 40-man roster such as Vidal Brujan, Ronaldo Hernandez, and Lucius Fox will also be given the possibility to play at the highest level. Of these 3 guys, Brujan has the best chance of making his MLB debut in 2020. His incredible speed and contact ability could really mess with some opposing defenses. There’s also a new extra inning rule implemented for this season that could make Brujan a major threat. The rule is that each team gets to put a runner on 2nd base at the beginning of every extra inning frame. Kevin Cash might want to utilize Brujan’s speed and call him up to be a deadly pinch runner.


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