Patriots: Re-sign or Let Go

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    My Resign or Let Go for the New England Patriots free agents. Keep in mind, this was a series I posted, so the first player’s analysis won’t be as good as the last player’s analysis

    Tom Brady:

    My opinion-Resign for 2 years. Let him play out the rest of his career here, and get him to teach the younger QBs.

    My Prediction-We resign for 2 years.

    Jamie Collins:

    My opinion- Well this one is kinda complicated. It really depends on what Jamie Collins wants, and what other teams will give him. If we can get him for 1-2 years, $8-10 million a year would be good. If he won’t do that, I’d say we let him go.

    What I think will happen-I honestly doubt that Jamie Collins will be on this team next year. He is a great player, and a core piece of this defense, but I’m really not sure if we will give him the money that he will likely want/money that other teams will give him.

    Marshall Newhouse:

    My opinion: Let Go!!!! I don’t have much to say besides this man couldn’t do anything in the pre season, when he was playing 4th stringers. He just lets the DE walk by him.

    What I think we will do: Let Go. This one is close. Newhouse is a depth piece that Bill may like to keep, although I wouldn’t 😂 Newhouse could stay, but I think we will end up letting him go.

    Joe Thuney:

    My Opinion: Resign.

    Joe Thuney is very good. He should be somebody close to the top of our free agent list. He led our offensive line this year, and is due for a big contract. I think it may be smart to franchise tag him for now, and give him a big contract next year. Thuney has done great in his entire career, especially last year.

    What I think we will do: Let Go.

    Thuney is going to need money this year. Not 5 million. Not 10. Probably not 15. Teams will offer him 15-17 million or more. He is going to cost too much for us to resign. Although I think we want to keep him, I don’t think they are going to be able to.

    Phillip Dorsett:

    My opinion: Let Go.

    Phillip Dorsett is the definition of meh. Makes some plays, but barely does anything. Although he is one of the fastest players in the league, he never uses his speed to his advantage. He tries to use other ways to get open, which don’t work for him. Unless he starts to use his speed to his advantage, I’m not sure if I want him on this team.

    What I think we will do: Resign 1 year.

    We may let him walk, we may even resign him for 3 years. But I don’t see us keeping Dorsett for long. He is not very good, and I think we will keep him next year as a depth piece. I could see us letting him go, but I think he will have a similar contract as this year

    Danny Shelton:

    My Opinion: Resign.

    Danny Shelton had a great season this year. We resigned him for a year last year, and I don’t think we expected much to happen. Shelton finally boomed in NE and was able to stop QBs for throwing, and stop running backs from running all over our defense. Shelton made it so the other team couldn’t create holes to run in. Overall, he had a great season and I think we should keep him.

    What I think we will do: Resign for 2 years.

    I think Bill Belichick likes Danny Shelton. He clogs the middle. He does his job. He stays quiet. He doesn’t go around tweeting and saying stuff on Instagram. He works hard, and does his job. I think he plays and practices how Bill eamts his players to. Not only that, but he has done a job that the Patriots haven’t been able to do since they had Vince Wilfork. Shelton was able to clog the middle and have a great season. This is why I think the Pats will try to keep him

    Devin McCourty:

    What I want us to do: Resign.

    Dmac has always been a top tier safety in the league. He is a key anchor of our secondary, defense, and whole team. He is always a captain, and a clear leader of the team. We should resign him for a year, as he will probably retire after next season.

    What I think we will do: Resign.

    This one is honestly pretty hard. The Patriots are known to walk away from veterans that have been a key part of the team if they cost too much. One of the most notable players that happened to was Vince Wilfork. I wouldn’t be too surprised if we don’t resign Dmac. I could see him going to NYG with Joe Judge. However, I think he will stay with us, and his twin brother, staying in NE

    Matthew Slater:

    My opinion: Resign.

    There is no other Slater in the league. He is a team leader, and the true definition of a Patriot. He always leads the team, on the field and off. Not only that, but he is a 5x First Team All Pro winner, a 1x Second Team All Pro winner, and a 8x Pro Bowler. Slate has always been the most important part of our incredible special teams unit, which is why I think we should keep him.

    What I think we will do: Resign.

    Like I said, this man is a leader, and a great player. Plus, Bill Belichick has always loved his special teamers. Slater has shown how important he is to the team, both as a leader and player. That’s why I believe we should, and will, keep Matthew Slater.

    Adam Butler:

    What I want us to do: Resign

    Adam Butler has a great year last season. He plugged the middle and did a great job with Danny Shelton. It would be ideal if we could get both of them back, and keep plugging the middle. I think next year Butler will do great and breakout, even if he isn’t on the team. It would be great if we could get him back for a year or 2, or maybe even franchise tag him.

    What I think we will do: Let Go.

    Butler is very good, but I’m not sure if he will stay. We can resign Danny Shelton for cheaper, and there is a good chance Butler could get a much better contract somewhere else. Although I would like to keep Adam Butler, I would not be surprised to see him go in free agency 😔

    Elandon Roberts:

    What I want to happen: Resign

    Roberts had a great season this year. He had his best linebacking season, and was able to fill in at fullback. He would be an incredibly useful piece to be able to have back, especially because there was a report coming out from Ben Volin saying that Develin may retire.

    What I think we will do: Resign.

    Roberts had a good season this year, and was a good leader and captain. He moved around from playing linebacker to fullback. That is the type of versatility that Bill Belichick likes. Roberts was able to move around, and do stuff that he was not used to. However it worked, and he did good at linebacker, and fullback. That is why I think we will resign him


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