Jersey Review-Arizona Diamondbacks

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    I love jerseys of all sorts especially MLB jerseys if I had it my way I’d have so many jerseys in my collection. I thought I’d give my thoughts on every jersey for every team. The great thing about jerseys is that I can hate a jersey and you can absolutely love it. I will give every jersey a grade and rank them at the end of the article. The first team-up who I’ll cover is the Arizona Diamondbacks who recently released new jerseys this offseason. I hope y’all enjoy!

    Diamondbacks Make Uniform Tweaks - AZ Snake Pit

    Home- The Diamondbacks made some changes to their jerseys going into 2020. Most notably removing the pattern on the shoulders which in my opinion made the jersey a lot simpler and just look better. The “Dbacks” text across the chest was done in a really good font and I really like the simplicity of it. I wish they would incorporate a bit more red because when I think of the Dbacks. We haven’t gotten to see these jerseys in action yet but when the season resumes it will be cool to see the Dbacks in something pretty new. The patch on the shoulder uses a great logo and I really like the use of patches on most jerseys.

    Grade: B

    Road- This jersey changed more than the home did and in my opinion, this was a very good change. They go back to a lighter grey after a couple of dark grey road jerseys which I didn’t like all that much. Like the other jerseys, the Dbacks removed the pattern from the shoulder which makes the jersey look a lot simpler. Like the home jersey, I wish they’d use red more. I will say the jersey is pretty boring and if I were to buy I Dbacks jersey it wouldn’t be this one. But most road jerseys aren’t that exciting and it is an improvement from what they had so I’ll give it a pass.

    Grade: C

    Arizona Diamondbacks on Twitter: "A refreshed look for the start ...

    Sedona Red Alternate- This jersey I absolutely love, it has everything I’d want in a Dbacks jersey. It uses the Sedona red color that I think of when I think of the Dbacks. The jersey also uses the great secondary logo with the rattlesnake which I like when they use. The collar pops in the right way. The text pops just right and the outline of the text and numbers makes it look so good. This jersey looked good with the rattlesnake pattern on the shoulders but by removing it and changing the hat it takes the jersey to the next level.

    Grade: A

    Home Teal- This is one of the other jerseys that benefited from the small redesign this offseason. The teal is a color that looks great on the jerseys and it pops. While the old jersey didn’t include the rattlesnake pattern but it didn’t use the teal as heavily and used the normal hat. The updated teal uses teal in the number and to outline the “Dbacks” text. Red is also use in that outline and that helps the text pop. I can already see Ketel Marte making some great plays and hitting bombs in this jersey.

    Grade: A-

    Black Alternate- This jersey I’m not as high on as the others I’ve already talked about. The jersey isn’t horrible it just isn’t on the name level as the others so far. To me, the jersey seems more like a spring training jersey or batting practice jersey. The Nike logo doesn’t really help the jersey either because of it being on the opposite side of the Dbacks logo. This jersey may grow on me after I’ve seen it in a couple of games.

    Grade: C-

    Arizona Diamondbacks on Twitter: "The 2020 @LosDbacks uniform.… "

    Los Dbacks- This jersey is pretty good, I really like the front saying different instead of “Dbacks” or “Arizona” so it already gets points from me and it also uses the teal which helps the jersey pop. Without the teal being included I think the jersey would look worse so good job to whoever designed these jerseys. I actually think the Nike logo looks good on these jerseys which is a pretty rare occasion. The rattlesnake logo outlined in teal caps off a nice jersey.

    Grade: B


    1. Sedona red alternate
    2. Home teals
    3. Los Dbacks
    4. Home 
    5. Black alternate
    6. Road

    As you could probably tell I like the new Diamondbacks jerseys. I am pretty disappointed in the fact that they didn’t include any of the throwback purple and teal jerseys but I’d assume those will return at some point this season or soon. The redesign was definitely a success.

    How would you rank these jerseys? Leave a comment below!

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