How the Mariners Fell Rock Bottom in The Matter of A Few Years

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    19 Years, 228 Months, 990 Weeks and 166440 Hours since the last time the Mariners have made the playoffs, after that the Mariners haven’t been in the playoffs as we all mourn for the only team who hasn’t made the World Series yet.

    After losing honestly the 3 greatest icons, Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey and ARod, by trading Johnson to the Astros in 1998, highlighted by Freddy Garcia in return. Griff was traded to the Reds getting Mike Cameron in return. ARod played the year and left in FA. Then we got Japanese Phenom Ichiro Suzuki who helped the Mariners in 2001. As he became MVP, ROY, Silver Slugger and make a all star game in his rookie season. As led to the 116 win season later losing in the ALCS to the Yankees.

    Heading to 2002 the Mariners lost many players. Aaron Sele, David Bell, and Jay Buhner. The Mariners tried to get Jason Schmidt, but didn’t offer more than a 3 year contract, where in a league many players want to be locked in for a while, so the Mariners settled with James Baldwin. (1 year 1.25 Mil) As the Mariners deal David Bell to the Giants. As they got Jeff Cirillo from the Rockies. Which led to the signing of Brett Boone.

    After the failure of the 2002 season, both Freddy Garcia and Paul Abbot fell mediocre as both were let go, as both Angels and A’s turned to massive win streaks, as finishing into the playoffs. Leaving the Mariners with a 93-69 record. As Mariners great Lou Pinella requested out of Seattle, and headed to Tampa. Which the Mariners replaced him with Bob Melvin, the former Diamondbacks bench coach, who was also a first time manager.

    Seattle led there Mariners for consecutive games with a little edge over the Mariners heading against the Red Sox, as they lost all 4 games and ended up in a 3 way tie with Boston and Oakland, but since both have edges over the Mariners, Red Sox had control of the final Wild Card spot and the A’s had a division lead, as the M’s finish 93-69 again. But the upside was they finished with the 2nd best ERA, so that’s good, right?

    Kazaheiro Sasaki decided to terminate his contract and stayed in Japan, Jeff Nelson was traded, Mike Cameron signed away and the Mariners fell off in the 2004 season as they started with a 4 game losing streak. As Freddy Garcia was traded in the middle of the season. John Olerud was designated to assignment in July as they released him. Edgar Martinez decided to call it quits have the end of the season at 41. But then, Ichiro happened as he set a record 258 hits in a season, as the only bright spot of the team now.

    Now, if management spent money, where would they be now? Thanks for reading!

    (idea by SB Nations, collapse)

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