Game By Game Eagles Record Predictions

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    The Eagles are expected to have a big bounce-back season this year. Do I buy it? No. Here are my 2020 Eagles predictions. 

    Week 1, Washington Football Team, W

    The Eagles will pick up a win against the Redskins in Week 1. Quite simply, Washington is a bad football team. I think this game will absolutely be competitive, but I don’t see the Eagles choking here. But the season could get an ugly start if they do decide to lose. 

    Week 2, Los Angeles Rams, L

    The Rams are a massively underrated team for 2020. Jared Goff can play well at times and their receiving core is very good. Their defense also has two elite playmakers in Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey. The Rams have a lot to prove to doubters in 2020 and I believe they begin that with a statement win over Philadelphia in Week 2. Again, a competitive game, but will ultimately go down as a loss. 

    Week 3, Cincinnati Bengals, L

    The Bengals are simply not a good team. And Joe Burrow will not have a good year. But the Eagles have a history of playing down to competition and losing what should be blowout wins in a spectacular fashion. I see them underestimating the Bengals offense and getting shocked at home. Eagles have a 1-2 start to the year. 

    Week 4, San Francisco 49ers, W

    With 2 losses already tallied, the Eagles pick up an essential win to their season in Santa Clara. Falling to 1-3 would be a disastrous outcome, and I don’t see them doing this. Jimmy Garoppolo realistically will have a pretty good game, but the Eagles will find a way to win this game with a good offensive performance. 

    Week 5, Pittsburgh Steelers, L

    This prediction could change with time. If Ben Roethlisberger is still a good thrower, this game will be a loss. I think he will at least be competent, but the Steelers defense is what shines. Carson Wentz will not have a great game and the Eagles will not put up many points. 

    Week 6, Baltimore Ravens, L

    Lamar Jackson will simply have a field day against our defense, who has a history of dreadful performance against mobile quarterbacks. Lamar Jackson may be the most mobile in NFL history, this will be a blood bath. While many think the Eagles could pull this off, I don’t see it. 

    Week 7, New York Giants, W

    The Giants are not a bad team by any stretch of the imagination, but they have always had bad luck against the Eagles for almost all of the 2010s. In Week 7, the Eagles will win a close game against the Giants to put their season record at 3-4. 

    Week 8, Dallas Cowboys, L

    While many Eagles fans want to sweep Dallas, it will not happen. The Cowboys are an energized team that will shock the league. The Eagles will be embarrassed at home here. Season record stands 3-5. 

    Week 10, New York Giants, W

    The Eagles again will beat the Giants in Week 10 coming off the bye. Nothing much to say. It will be competitive. 

    Week 11, Cleveland Browns, W

    The Eagles even up their season record with a contested win over the Cleveland Browns. The Browns could be good this year, but with the season on the line, the Eagles will do whatever it takes to push forward. They pick up a win to reach 5-5 on the year. 

    Week 12, Seattle Seahawks, L

    Russell Wilson has never lost to the Eagles. Enough said. I predict this will be a low scoring affair where the Seahawks beat the Eagles, putting their season record at 5-6 and a playoff spot in jeopardy. 

    Week 13, Green Bay Packers, W

    The Packers will not be an amazing team in 2020. They will not win nearly every one score game again and will be average. The game will for sure be close but I have the Eagles winning to be 6-6

    Week 14, New Orleans Saints, L

    The Eagles will lose to the Saints in a close affair in Week 14 to become 6-7. Saints games are always brutal for Philly and I doubt it changes. Playoff spot is in jeopardy with one more loss. 

    Week 15, Arizona Cardinals, W

    I still don’t buy the Cardinals as a legitimate playoff contender or Kyler Murray as an MVP candidate. But the Eagles can make anyone look like one, and Kyler will. The Eagles can win against a bad Arizona defense but it will be a nail biter. 7-7. 

    Week 16, Dallas Cowboys, W

    The Eagles need to beat the Cowboys to have hope at playoffs, and they will in week 16. The Eagles cannot afford to lose and Doug Pederson has been good in those types of games. 

    Week 17, Washington Football Team, W

    The Eagles pick up a final win in Week 17 to clinch a wildcard spot at 9-7. The Redskins will be well out of contention and may or may not play spoiler. Regardless, a win. 

    In conclusion, I predict the Eagles to go 9-7 with many ups and downs along the way. It will not be an easy season as a fan. But they will clinch playoffs one way or another in this prediction. 

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