7 Possible Browns Head Coaches

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    It’s a well known fact: the Browns struggle with finding a good head coach. And every time, Cleveland seems to hire a rookie head coach. But, after firing Freddie Kitchens, there are a few good candidates that the Browns are looking at and could possibly hire to be the head coach of 2020 (and hopefully many more years).

    Mike McCarthy

    The first candidate to be interviewed by the Browns was Mike McCarthy. Ever since being fired by the Green Bay Packers, McCarthy has been looking for a new team, and Cleveland just might be that new team. McCarthy is known for winning the Super Bowl with the Packers in 2011. He also brings the experience at the Head Coach spot that Browns coaches have lacked in the past. Overall, McCarthy is one of the leaders in the Cleveland Head Coach race.

    Greg Roman

    Greg Roman is the offensive coordinator of the Baltimore Ravens. His success so far in the 2019 season is something to take note of, and the Browns are definitely taking note of it. Roman’s career in the NFL started in 1995 with the Carolina Panthers where he hired as a strength and conditioning coach. After that, he moved from Houston, to Baltimore for the first time, then to San Francisco, then Buffalo, and finally the Ravens in 2017. Now after being in Baltimore for 2 years, the Browns are looking to possibly bring him to Cleveland.

    Brian Daboll

    Brian Daboll is currently the offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills. He began in 2000 as a defensive coaching assistant for the New England Patriots, before moving up to be the Wide Receivers coach. After leaving New England, he served as the New York Jets quarterbacks coach, until 2009 when he was hired as the offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns. After his stint with the Browns, he moved to Miami, then to Kansas City. After all of that, he was once again brought back to the New England Patriots, where he would win a Super Bowl as offensive coordinator. In 2018 he was named offensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills. Now, the Browns are interviewing him to see if he’s fit to be the Head Coach.

    Kevin Stefanski

    Kevin Stefanski is the offensive coordinator of the Minnesota Vikings. His start was in 2005, where he had a minor role with the Philadelphia Eagles. Then, in 2006, he got his start with the Minnesota Vikings, where he would eventually move up, starting with being the assistant to the head coach, then the assistant quarterbacks coach, then the tight ends coach, after that the running backs coach, and then the quarterbacks coach. Then, in 2018, after the Vikings fired offensive coordinator John DeFilippo, Stefanski became the interim offensive coordinator. After proving himself, he was promoted to offensive coordinator for the 2019 season. He could be a good fit for the Browns, possibly helping Baker Mayfield have a strong 3rd season, if he is hired.

    Robert Saleh

    Robert Saleh is currently the defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers. He, like most of the Browns candidates, moved around the league a lot before finding his current position. It started with the Houston Texans in 2005, where he was the defensive intern. Before being a part of the Texans franchise, he had been a defensive assistant for Michigan State, Central Michigan, and Georgia. In 2009, Saleh was moved up to be the assistant linebackers coach. The Seahawks hired him in 2011 to be their defensive quality control coach, which was another minor role. Then, in 2014, he was named the linebackers coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Then, in 2017, the 49ers decided to hire him as their defensive coordinator, where he has had much success, leading the Browns to have much interest in him.

    Eric Bieniemy

    Eric Bieniemy is the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs. He was an NFL running back from 1991 to 1999. His first job in the NFL was with the Minnesota Vikings in 2006, where he was a running backs coach. He stayed there for 4 years. He had previously been a running backs coach for Colorado and UCLA. After he parted ways with Minnesota, he got a job at Colorado as offensive coordinator. Then, in 2013, the Chiefs hired him to be a running backs coach. He would later move up as an offensive coordinator in 2018, staying with the Chiefs and helping out a lot. The Browns are looking for someone who can get the offense going in 2020, and Bieniemy could be the perfect guy.

    Josh McDaniels

    Josh McDaniels is the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, and many believe he’s most likely to win the Head Coaching job of the Cleveland Browns. He started in the NFL in 2001, as the New England Patriots personnel assistant. The next year, he was promoted to a defensive assistant. In 2004, he moved up even more and became the quarterbacks coach. Then, in 2005, he kept his position as quarterbacks coach, but also took over the spot of offensive coordinator. He stayed at both jobs until 2008. Then, in 2009, he was hired as the Head Coach of the Denver Broncos. He was then fired in 2010 after a bad season and lots of controversial decisions. The Rams hired him as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in 2011, where he would stay for one year. In 2012, McDaniels got his job back in New England, once again being the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, where he remains today. He has said that he is a fan of Baker Mayfield, and is one of the most likely options for Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns.

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