Jamal Adams Trade Grades

    Trade Details

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    Jets Receive: Safety Bradley McDougald, 2021 SEA First Round Pick, 2021 SEA Third Round pick, 2022 SEA First Round Pick

    Seahawks Receive: Safety Jamal Adams, 2022 NYJ Fourth Round Pick

    Jamal Adams in his new Seahawks threads. (Bleacher Report)

    Seahawks Grade: B+

    I’m only giving this a B+ grade for a reason that this could go two very different ways. We could win a Super Bowl and resign Jamal Adams, or we could not win a Super Bowl and let him walk. 

    Things I like about this trade is the Seahawks add another Superstar to the defense along with Bobby Wagner, and he could be a swinging factor for a player like Jadeveon Clowney or Everson Griffen to sign with the Seahawks, but we will see. I also like the versatility that he brings to the table in Seattle. He can do it all. In the last two seasons, he has played 889 snaps in the box(42.7%), 578 snaps at free safety(27.8%), 303 in the slot(14.5%), 234 snaps on the line of scrimmage(11.2%), 74 snaps at outside cornerback(3.5%), and he grades well at each spot. So it is disrespectful to classify Jamal Adams as a box safety.

    Jamal Adams is also one of the premier run stoppers in the NFL. Over the last two seasons, he ranks first in run stops in the NFL, with 80, and only 16 missed tackles, with only 11.9 missed tackle percentage.

    Jamal Adams also doubles down as one of the best blitzers, if not the best, in Seattle. The past two years he’s blitzed 159 times, and he’s acquired 10 sacks. 

    Jamal Adams’s versatility also lets Seattle play in more sets on defense. The Seahawks who led the league in base defense percentage, and it wasn’t close, and they ranked 27th in pass defense. This isn’t typical for Seattle. Since 2011, Seattle has ranked top-10 in pass defense 5 times. (17,27,8,2,1,1,6,11). Jamal Adams can propel us back to the top 10 pass defense we have in the 2010s.

    It is also impossible to mention the value of Jamal Adams without mentioning his leadership and passion. Jamal Adams is one of the most competitive players in the NFL. He also can define a defense, kind of like Kam Chancellor in the Legion Of Boom days. 

    I also like the safety pairing in Seattle now. Quandre Diggs, who is a great, ball-hawk safety, having 3 interceptions in 5 games with Seattle, and now they pair him along with one of the best run defenders in the league. This is one of the elite safety duos, and you pair them along with a good backup, in Marquise Blair, the fit is perfect for Seattle. I don’t see a way Seattle can mess that up, with all that skill.

    As I was saying, this could go many different ways for Seattle. Now if Seattle fails to resign Jamal Adams, I see this as a bad grade, probably around F-C, depending on if Seattle wins a Superbowl or not. Now if Seattle Resigns the All-Pro Safety, it will stay as a B+, unless Seattle wins a Superbowl, if so, it will be an A grade. But if they win multiple Superbowls with Jamal Adams, It will be an A+ grade. All of this assuming he keeps his All-Pro skill. 

    Seattle gave up two first-round picks to get Jamal Adams, along with Bradley McDougald. Since 2010(excluding 2020) Seattle has made 7 first-round picks, and Seattle hasn’t picked over 27 since 2012, The pick being Bruce Irvin. Many of those picks haven’t panned out well either. Seattle drafts better in the later rounds.

    Jets Grade: B+

    Like the Seahawks Grade, I’m giving this a B+, because this could go two different ways.

    Bradley McDougald is a good replacement for Jamal, now he’s not as good as Jamal, but Bradley McDougald brings good pass defense and great leadership to the young Jets team. Now the question is if the Jets want to resign him for another year, or if they trust Ashtyn Davis to take over in that starting role, or if Bradley McDougald even wants to stay on that team.

    Bradley McDougald poses for the Jets’ media day. (Twitter/@NYJets)

    Now this will be short and sweet. In the next two years, the NYJ have 4 first-round picks. They have holes to fill on the offense and defensive side of the ball. But with a QB like Sam Darnold who has great potential to develop into a Superbowl caliber QB, they can build around him more, and fill the needs on defense with the 4 firsts. Now they have to hit on the firsts because you can’t just lose an All-Pro caliber safety, and just not hit on the picks. 

    Overall this trade makes sense for the Jets because they get more firsts to build that young team up, and if they don’t hit on those picks, I’ll grade it at probably a D+. But if they hit on those picks, I’ll probably grade it an A, and if they win a Superbowl because of those picks, an A+ grade is coming their way. But this grade relies on if they hit on their picks.


    Overall the trade is good for both teams, it’s a win-win situation. The Seahawks get a versatile All-Pro safety to help bring back the fire and the heart that most miss watching the Seahawks. The Jets get rid of a disgruntled player, who would hurt the locker room, and get a great locker room presence in Bradley McDougald, and two firsts in exchange.

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