My Top 3 Head Coach Candidates for the Chargers

    After a 7-9 season and what looks to be like a future superstar quarterback in Justin Herbert, the Chargers are in the market for a new Head Coach.

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    Almost 24 hours after the Chargers disappointing season came to an end, the Spanos family notified Head Coach Anthony Lynn that he would not return for the 2021-2022 season. In the 4 seasons that Anthony Lynn was head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers, they only made the playoffs once, and lost in the divisional round to the New England Patriots that year. Lynn is one of the most respected individuals around the league, but his clock management skills and his conservative play calling lost him his job. Not to mention all of the blown leads and the heartbreaking losses that were decided by one possession.

    The Chargers have a chance to make a splash this offseason and be Super Bowl contenders for years to come. With no shortage of talent on the roster, a future superstar quarterback in Justin Herbert, the 13th overall pick in this year’s draft, and money to spend in the offseason, this truly is a win now roster. With the right coach to further Justin Herbert’s development as a star QB and to lead this team, the Chargers will be a force to reckon with in the AFC. Here are 3 of the most interesting candidates for the Chargers Head Coaching job.

    1. Brian Daboll

    Brian Daboll should be at the top of the Chargers list of Head Coach candidates. The Bills Offensive Coordinator has helped his team to a 13-3 record this season and has helped quarterback Josh Allen look like a future MVP of the league. The Bills were 2nd in the league with 501 total points, only behind the Green Bay Packers. The Bills offense ranked 2nd in total yards with 6,343 and over 4,000 of those yards came from Josh Allen. Let’s not forget that in Allen’s rookie year he threw more interceptions than touchdowns, and now he is a legitimate MVP candidate. The big question the Chargers should be asking themselves is who can continue to develop Justin Herbert? Brian Daboll is the perfect candidate to do this for the Chargers. He will be a mostly offensive minded Head Coach, which could benefit Herbert. Brian Daboll would be the perfect Head Coach for the Chargers.

    2. Eric Bieniemy

    Eric Bieniemy is another solid option for the Chargers. The Chiefs Offensive Coordinator needs no introduction. He has helped Kansas City to the top seed in the AFC this season and to a Super Bowl victory last year. His offense has led the NFL in total yards with 6,653 yards, averaging 415.8 yards per game during the 2020-21 season. The Patrick Mahomes-led Chiefs didn’t score quite as much as the Bills with 473 total points, 6th in the NFL, but the offense was still good enough to win 14 games. Similar to Brian Daboll, he will be an offensive minded Head Coach and I think he should be able to develop Justin Herbert decently well, but I don’t like the idea of taking an OC from a divisional rival who you face two times a year. Eric Bieniemy will get a Head Coaching job this offseason but if the Chargers don’t hire Brian Daboll, Eric Bieniemy is an excellent backup option.

    3. Jason Garrett

    I know what you’re thinking. ‘Are you serious? Jason Garrett is in your top three???’ Let me tell you why. Let me be very clear here: He is not the best coach on this list, but if the Chargers do end up hiring him, the fans need to slow down with all of their Jason Garrett slander. Let’s look at his Cowboys years. The Cowboys are one of the most difficult teams to coach. Picture this: You have an unusually hands-on owner who is also your General Manager. The fans hate you if your name is not Tom Landry or Jimmy Johnson. Dallas is a huge football market. They have high school stadiums that are as nice or nicer than some college stadiums. Greatness is expected, so it can be difficult to live up to that at times. Let’s take a look at Jason Garrett’s offensive ranks as Head Coach of the Dallas Cowboys. He spent 9 years there and during this time period his averages were 24.9 points per game, good for 6th in the NFL. 365.8 total yards per game, also 6th in the league. 5.77 yards per play, 2nd in the NFL, and average passer rating for his quarterbacks, 94.9, 6th in the league. One can totally argue against Garrett that this past year with the Giants, his offense was ranked 2nd to last in points scored and total yards, but do the Giants have as much talent offensively than the Chargers do? Not even close. The Giants were without star RB Saquon Barkley this year as well. Jason Garrett needs a small market team with less national attention to help him be successful. For the Chargers fans out there, it would not be the end of the world if the team hired Jason Garrett. Sure, he’s not the best candidate out there, but he’s not as bad as you think.

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