Another Coaching Update: And It’s Not A Good One

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    Jason Kidd has emerged as the front runner for the Knicks head coaching job. The Knicks’ coaching search turned messy after contract negotiations with Thibs have stalled. (According to Stefan Bondy)

    Of course, the Knicks somehow and someway have to mess this up. I can’t explain how valuable and important the right coach is to helping a team succeed, and Kidd is just not the guy for this job. Kidd has a terrible stint with the Nets, and Giannis became a superstar after he was gone and the Bucks became contenders when he left as well. Thibs is a proven coach who has worked on his craft, Kidd has never proven to be a good coach. Even Kenny proved that he could take a below-par team and make them a winning team by growing his players into stars. 

    I don’t know if this is a smokescreen, but I really pray it is. Thibs has long been considered the favorite, so I don’t know what happened/why a smokescreen is needed. My guess is that Dolan and Thibs are fighting over the contract details, and to put pressure on Thibs to accept, this report came out.  I know WWW is close with Kidd, and I know relationships are a big reason why we hired this front office, but for circumstances like this, you hire the best coach. 

    Let’s just pray that the Knicks don’t also mess this whole situation up, which may look like they already have done. 

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