Grading The New York Knicks’ 2019 Free Agency:

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    Obviously, with the NBA season most likely not returning, the end of our free-agent squad is coming to an end. Now looking back, how do you guys feel about the free agents we signed, and which free agents do you maybe want to keep next summer? Well, lets take a look:

    I thought the idea of these free agents were a little odd after they all signed, but I did like the fact that we were flexible with our cap space, giving 1+1 deals with the option being a team option giving us (the Knicks) the leverage. I thought that all of these guys had grit and passion, and giving them 1-year contracts would push them to excel.

    However, the players are all practically average, meaning we aren’t having a great year. Some of these guys have had moments, Payton and Morris especially, but we obviously don’t have an all-star (which we thought we were getting in Randle) and don’t have any long term pieces since Morris, our best player, was traded and also was already 30 years old (most likely 31 when the NBA returns next year).

    Randle was a turnover a machine and was a ball stopper on offense. Morris was traded at the deadline for a 1st round pick (can’t be mad at that), Payton was solid but we need a PG that can shoot to spread the floor, Ellington can’t shoot and that was his one job, Bullock was injured for most of the year, and Portis is a ball stopper as well.

    In the beginning of the year I thought we had good shot to make the playoffs, but the talent just wasn’t there.

    Also, the fact that we are taking minutes from the young guys is frustrating, and that is why I believe we should get rid of as many vets as possible.

    I think we should let everyone walk in free agency (maybe except for Bullock/Harkless) and trade Randle, allowing the young guys to get the opportunity to grow.

    If i had to give this free agency class a grade, I would most likely give a D because of the reasons mentioned above.

    Let me know your guys’ thoughts in the Knicks free agency below!

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