3 Ways the Carolina Panthers Can Be More Efficient On Offense

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    The Carolina Panthers lost their week 6 matchup to the Chicago Bears and it was mainly due to their offensive performance. The Panthers turned the ball over three times, were 3-13 on 3rd down, and 1-3 in the red zone. This is the blueprint of how to lose football games. You can not put that much pressure on a young defense and expect them not to give up points. The offense can not waste opportunities inside the 20-yard line anymore.

    1: Christian McCaffrey is getting healthy.
    McCaffrey coming back in 1-3 weeks would be very big for the offense and team as a whole. Christian McCaffrey’s ability to score 6 from anywhere on the field, rushing or receiving, has been really fun to watch and I can’t wait for him to return to the team as long as it’s not too early.

    2: Teddy Bridgewater needs to have confidence in his Tight Ends when throwing the “jump ball”.
    Teddy Bridgewater and Joe Brady need to start looking to involve the Tight Ends more inside the 20. Ian Thomas has shown that he can come down with that jump ball. Chris Manhertz is decent but I believe not bringing back Greg Olsen was a mistake.

    3: DJ Moore needs to get better at releasing off the line inside the 10.
    I’ve noticed that DJ Moore has struggled with releasing off press coverages inside and close to the 10-yard line. Moore is a solid route runner but is better with the ball in his hands after the catch. There have been multiple instances the last few weeks where inside the 10, Moore has been pressed by the cornerback and couldn’t run the in, out, or slant he is designed to on that play. The one time he used it to his advantage and fake/spun out Falcons Isaiah Oliver, he outran the cornerback for his first score of the season. If DJ Moore can start to score touchdowns inside the red zone consistently, he would easily be a top 10 wide receiver in the league.



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