Is Travis Fulgham the Eagles’ New #1?

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    To start the year, some wide receiver named Travis Fulgham was on the Eagles practice squad. Virtually nobody knew his name. And in two weeks on the Eagles roster, people are already talking about how big this guy can get. I will be sharing my thoughts on how Travis Fulgham could pan out. 

    Philadelphia Eagles running back Miles Sanders (26) celebrates his touchdown with Travis Fulgham(13) during the first half of an NFL football game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Pittsburgh, Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020. (AP Photo/Don Wright)

    Firstly, let’s look at if he has the talent to do so. I think the question should have the various obvious answer of “yes”, but let’s look at it deeper. In 2019, the Eagles drafted JJ Arcega-Whiteside in the Second Round of the NFL draft. You do not simply go in the second round if there isn’t some sort of NFL level talent there. They saw something in JJ. But Fulgham, he has already surpassed Arcega-Whiteside’s career catch and receiving totals as well as touchdown totals. He is just finding ways to get open, and that takes real skill, that even our second-round pick from last year does not have. You can already see Fulgham has tremendous potential. 

    Second, let’s look at what he’s actually done in Philadelphia so far. Everybody can have star potential, but can he back it up? In Fulgham’s first game as an Eagle, he caught 2 passes for 57 yards and a clutch deep touchdown to win the game. This was achieved when he beat near-perfect coverage and caught a perfect pass from Carson Wentz. In the next game against the Steelers secondary, who many consider being elite, Fulgham put up a tremendous 10 catch, 152 yards, 1 touchdown performance, only the third player this season to do so, and the best game for an Eagles receiver since the beginning of last year. If you would say he hasn’t proven himself when he’s had the chance, you’d be silly, but next let’s talk about how he can perform going forward. 

    I think we all realize that Fulgham cannot keep this pace up. The film has always been a killer for fluke performances. Teams will plan to take away Fulgham’s use. Will they be able to do so with Zach Ertz also being double-teamed? I don’t know. But you can certainly deeply study how Fulgham plays and take him out of the equation. I’m unsure if he has the talent to overcome this. However, he could, and Fulgham should provide hope for Eagles fans for this year. 

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