If the Bears do these 3 things they’ll beat the Giants

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    Coming off their first week 1 victory since 2013 when they defeated the Bengals, The Bears look to go 2-0 by defeating the Giants. Both sides of the ball need improvement, but if they can do these 3 things they’ll come out with a victory.

    1. Maintain Offensive Drives

    First off, the Bears need to maintain drives and let their defense rest. As was too often the case in 2019, the Bears often went 3 and out frequently. This resulted in tiring out the defense by having them out on the field too much. Matt Nagy must rely on the rushing attack more to prolong the drives. Mitch also needs to execute when he’s called upon. If the defense isn’t on the field for the majority of the game they’ll be able to take advantage of the Giants struggling offensive line.

    2. Contain Saquon Barkley

    In their week 1 loss Saquon Barkley only managed to gain 6 rushing yards. This however isn’t only on him. The offensive line wasn’t doing their assignments efficiently, which lead to Saquon getting hit multiple times behind the line of scrimmage. It should be noted though that they were playing a Steelers defense that has many playmakers at every level of the defense: TJ Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Cam Heyward, etc. If the Bears can get their guys healthy, they should be able to produce a similar result.

    3. Get Trubisky into a good rhythm early

    As Lions fans have learned over the previous matchups, Mitchell Trubisky can be lethal if he gets into a rhythm. We saw this on Sunday when he threw 3TDs with less than a yard of separation in the 4th quarter to erase a 23-6 deficit. Bears fans also know that he can play completely terrible at other times as well. His inconsistencies are the reason his career with the Bears is in jeopardy if he doesn’t perform well this season. We saw his potential, now can he live up to it and deliver 4 good quarters?

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