Interview With Former Patriot RB Tony Collins

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    Tony Collins, one of the key pieces of the magical 1985 run, has been outspoken on social media within the Patriots Instagram world and Patriots Alumni market. Interacting with fans and players alike is not uncommon for the former Patriot RB. So when I was looking for some interesting subjects for an interview, Collins immediately shot up to the top of the list. Now, this was certainly an interesting interview. But here is how it all went down.

    New England Patriots running back Tony Collins carries the ball and looks for room to run during the Patriots 26-14 victory over the New York Jets in the 1985 AFC Wild Card Playoff Game on December 28, 1985 at the Meadowlands in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Vernon Biever/Getty Images)

    GilletteNation: “You were drafted in 1981 by New England. Ho was the experience and what were your first immediate reactions?”

    Now, I was expecting a cliche response like “oh yeah, it was an awesome day and I was happy to be part of the Patriots blah blah blah blah blah..” But no. Tony’s response went as follows.

    Tony Collins: “Dream come true,”

    Now yes, the comma was included. I wasn’t sure if it meant to be a period or not, but I did some in-depth research. The comma button is located next to the period, so we can safely assume it was unintentional. But like most players who get drafted into the league, it is a dream come true. Now came the second question.

    GilletteNation: “What’s one thing you find in the differences between the Super Bowls in the 80s and the Super Bowls being played today?”

    Now this question was purposefully left to be open for whatever Tony thought of. Maybe it was the atmosphere. Maybe it was the overall buildup to the game. Maybe just the entire interest level of the nation.

    Tony Collins: “A lot more media today”

    Yes, this is true. The media HAS exploded in the 30+ years since Super Bowl 20 back in ’85.

    And that was it! Tony Collins, the original #33 for the Patriots, helped me get an in-depth look on his experience in the NFL and boy, was it fascinating!

    There you have it. 2 question interviews might be my new thing. This did bring a smile to my face as I talked to Tony and as I write this. Anyway, Go Pats!

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