Why Josh Rosen Deserves A Chance

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    People think Rosen suck. I personally think that the Dolphins should of drafted OLine with the first pick, and then go with a skills position player or even another OLine position with the second selection they had in the 1st round. I wanted the Dolphins to build AROUND Rosen. This is why I feel Rosen deserves a 2nd chance

    Rosen was drafted to the Arizona Cardinals with the 10th selection in the NFL Draft. Coming into a god awful Cardinals team with NO OLINE and No real talent, which you could say Larry Fitz and Christian Kirk fit that mold but Fitz, was servicable with 700 yards and 6 TDs, and Kirk, a rookie Wideout. Rosen couldn’t do anything with what the Cardinals gave him because of the team around him. But again Rosen had some cons of course which was his fault, which is throwing to late. Rosen makes the right read, but he does it to late. He could have a route underneath wide open, he does recognize it but its to late as he throws it incomplete or a very short gain that could’ve been 8-9 yards.

    After his rookie season the Cardinals looked to move past Wilks and hired Kliff Kingsbury, who said he WOULD rock with Rosen as his QB, but all was a lie as more rumors came out he had intentions to draft Kyler Murray with the first pick, as he did. And shipped Rosen out night 2 of the draft to the Dolphins.

    Rosens time in Arizona, 11 Touchdowns 15 INTs and a 55 Completion Rate, but he was sacked 45 times. Going 3-13 with the Cardinals.

    Rosen to Miami led to Rosen dealing with the same thing he dealt with in Arizona, a 1st year coach, again playing behind the worse OLine in the league, with no real supporting cast, but this time we kind of knew that the Dolphins were going to land Tua. Rosen over 3 games went 1:5 and just over 500 yards, but in 3 games sacked 16 times. After that they benched him for Ryan Fitzpatrick for the season.

    Many could write Rosen as a bust but he is the younger QB at 23. But giving his cast, look at the talent he has or had in his career, all Rosen needs is a chance. A functional Front Office, a actual cast around him, take the Steelers for example. He could go in there and be Big Ben’s replacement soon. A good OLine led by Pouncy, serviceable Wideouts and TE’s, a great Defense led by TJ Watt, and working 1 on 1 with Tomlin. He will develop, for the first time in his career

    Josh Rosen will be a great QB, with a chance.

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